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Alodokter Witnesses 45% Uplift in Engagement using AI-based Campaign Optimization

Discover how Aldokter used MoEngage’s Machine Learning Campaign Optimization to increase engagement of push campaigns by 45%, while also boosting CTRs, CVRs, and adoption of premium features.

About Alodokter

Alodokter is the leading Indonesian healthcare super app created in 2014. With more than 28 mn MAUs, it provides an end-to-end digital solution to patients including telemedicine, doctor booking, and health insurance services.

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Post MoEngage integration, Alodokter is now able to retain more than 50% of its installed users. Combined with the immensely strong mobile engagement portfolio, expert local customer support, and a very responsive customer success team, MoEngage is the ideal choice for an intelligent customer engagement partner.

Arian Vivaldi
Head of Marketing, Alodokter
CTR improvement for free-to-premium user conversion campaigns
increase in Monthly Active Users with 15% contribution to overall event performance
The Problem

Healthcare apps face significant challenges in constantly engaging users who would otherwise use these apps only when they are sick. During a pandemic, reaching out to the users at the right time using the right message became a priority. Alodokter chose to resolve the problem by choosing to educate users about precaution, prevention, and safety measures. The doctor-approved and certified resources within the app included healthcare articles on a wide variety of subjects and topics.

MoEngage Solution

In order to improve the CTRs and conversion rates of the push campaigns, it was essential to segregate the audience based on where they drop-off, map out user journeys and execute Flows campaigns based on the journeys. The AI-enabled content optimization feature, combined with rigorous A/B testing and personalized recommendation, enabled the healthcare super app to run push campaigns with improved click-through and conversion rates, increase engagement, arrest churn, and re-engage inactive users.

The Result

To improve the CTRs and conversions of push campaigns, the Alodokter team wanted to segregate their audience based on drop-off points, map customer journeys, and execute Flows campaigns. As the first step, the team used MoEngage to segment its customer base.

• 6-16% CTR increase in Flows campaigns to activate customers who have signed up
• 10-12% increase in funnel conversion rate contributed by customer onboarding campaigns
• 5-10% activation of inactive customers via re-engagement campaign
• 60% increase in MAU through interest-based <a href=”https://www.moengage.com/learn/mobile-marketing-campaigns-to-drive-leads-engagement/”>engagement campaign</a>

Segmentation was done based on location, preferences, events, and funnel drop-offs. Post that, the entire customer journey was divided according to app events, conversions, and earmarked for targeted campaigns. The team could now send effective push campaigns boosting engagement and retention.

Flow campaigns were based on the nature of the campaign, like onboarding, engagement, or re-engagement. Push campaigns were also run to arrest churn and increase engagement. MoEngage’s AI engine Sherpa helped choose the right communication approach by measuring, analyzing and optimizing content.



One of the best performing and proven channels to engage and retain our app users is push notifications. To increase the efficiency of our campaigns, we want to experiment with the content through MoEngage’s machine learning campaign optimization combined with A/B Testing.

Satrio Darmawan
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Alodokter

How AI-based campaign optimization can drive business growth

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