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Bisleri Leverages Phygital Engagement to Drive App Adoption

Find out how Bisleri, one of the most popular consumer brands in India, utilized MoEngage to successfully leverage phygital engagement and drive app adoption.

About Bisleri

Bisleri International is an Indian multinational company that is best known for its eponymous brand of bottled water. The brand conducts most of its business in India, with 150 operational plants and a network of 6,000 distributors, and 7,500 distribution trucks.

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We wanted a platform that could provide the infrastructure to support our engagement endeavors at scale. With MoEngage, we’re able to automate campaigns using journey orchestration across multiple channels to achieve our objectives with ease and also see great results.

Ronak Sharma
Head - D2C & Digital Marketing, Bisleri
Conversion rates via OSM campaigns
Email Delivery Rates
Business Challenge

With changing customer expectations and purchase behavior, Bisleri wanted to shift to a “phygital” (i.e., physical distribution network + digital channels) approach to reach its customers through the right channels. So the brand was on the lookout for a platform that could help them facilitate this to drive subscriptions and nudge customers to repurchase. This is where MoEngage stepped into the picture and helped streamline Bisleri’s engagement initiatives and touch base with its customers across multiple touchpoints consistently.

MoEngage Solution

Bisleri opted for a "phygital" approach by first optimizing the web experience for its customers. They utilized MoEngage’s On-Site Messaging capabilities to set up campaigns to entice users to redirect them to the Bisleri app. The idea was to induce FOMO with the help of discounts and offers that awaited them when they downloaded the app and signed up on the platform. Additionally, MoEngage’s Flows feature was used to send out as many as 3 million emails every month and disseminate relevant push campaigns, nudging customers to complete their purchases and sharing offers on subscriptions.

The Result

Using MoEngage, Bisleri was able to:

  • Clock 1.2% Conversion rates via the OSM campaigns
  • Set up Email campaigns to observe:
    98% Delivery rates
    25-30% Open rates
  • Set up automated Flows to achieve great retention rates:
    16% for iOS
    10% for Android
    3% for Web

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