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Classic Rummy Succeeds To Entertain: Boosts Player Retention By 24%

Discover how Classic Rummy used MoEngage’s analytical and segmentation capabilities to achieve a 2X growth in new customer payments, leading to a 24% boost in overall player retention.

About Classic Rummy

With close to 1M registered players, Classic Rummy is India’s favorite online rummy website. This state-of-the-art platform strives to create a safe, regulated, and responsible online experience for rummy enthusiasts in India.

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After we switched to the insights-led strategy, players enjoyed engaging with our platform even more! Every communication a player receives from our platform adds value, so they know we get them and trust the app even more. And the best part, using MoEngage, we can automate most of the manual tasks now.

Sr. Team Lead, CRM
increase in the total value of payments in 6 months
MoM user retention (2X more than industry average)
The Industry Challenge

Engaging players and inspiring them to return to a gaming app regularly can be tricky! Classic Rummy realizes the impact of player retention on Northstar metrics like revenue.

The Strategy

The brand adopted a customer-centric approach to player engagement by gathering player insights, sending personalized alerts, launching exclusive tournaments, and more!

The Result

The team chose MoEngage to help them implement their shift in engagement strategy from a campaign-centric model to a behavior-centric one. They could now analyze customer data and act upon them in real-time, using the platform’s in-built capabilities.

• 3x increase in payments within 6 months
• 2x growth in payments from new customers
• 24% MoM customer retention
• 3x increase in the total value of the payments in 6 months

First, the team mapped out player journeys that nudged them to come back for a second deposit and to continue playing. They also did an in-depth analysis to understand player motivations and find ways to delight them, like unique coupon codes and cashback incentives to win back churned customers.

MoEngage helped the Classic Rummy team consolidate player behavior and engagement data in one single place. The platform also provided predictive insights into each player’s mood and preferences, thereby enabling the CRM team to make swift data-backed decisions and execute them quickly in real-time.



We knew we needed to improve the player’s onboarding experience. However, we couldn’t do that without a deeper understanding of the players. MoEngage helped us derive critical insights into player preferences, the roadblocks, and their journey using our app.

Marketing Manager

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