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Cocomelody Observes 20% Conversion Rate With MoEngage Flows

Discover how Cocomelody partnered with MoEngage to transform its omnichannel shopping experience for customers with AI-driven, personalized campaigns that drove 20% in yearly conversion rates.


Cocomelody is a leading bridal retailer, serving brides and their wedding parties for over 15 years. In recent years, Cocomelody has become an E-commerce bridal platform, providing professional online and offline services to bridal designers and shoppers worldwide. Cocomelody has sore locations and operations in the US, Europe, and Asia.


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Business Need

Cocomelody had the vision to transform the traditional bridal industry by providing the best omnichannel shopping experience for each customer - whether customers want to shop online or in-store. To create a seamless omnichannel experience, Cocomelody needed insights into its customer interactions and the tools to analyze and optimize campaigns in real-time, and act on those insights.

MoEngage Solution

With MoEngage, Cocomelody gained access to a holistic customer view in one dashboard to easily get insights into every customer interaction with the brand. MoEngage helped Cocomelody create a consistent customer experience across channels. Automating cross-channel communications with Flows added ease to campaign creation and management across the customer journey, including channels such as SMS, email, mobile push messages, and Facebook retargeting ads. Cocomelody personalized campaigns with Flows and triggered relevant messages to its audiences. This, in turn, improved the overall campaign performance.

The Result

Using MoEngage’s Flows, AI-driven insights, and multivariate testing, Cocomelody provided a consistent customer experience across channels.

  • 50% decrease in E-mail design time
  • 30% E-mail open rates with AI capabilities
  • 20% spike in yearly conversion rates
  • 30% increase in online ROAS



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