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Foodhub Delivers a Personalised Experience Using MoEngage Segmentation

Discover how Foodhub plans to utilise the MoEngage platform to better segment its customer, then use those insights to hyper-personalise engagement.

About Foodhub

Foodhub, an online food ordering company founded in 2008, is the third-largest online food portal in the United Kingdom. They offer a wide selection of restaurants and takeaways for customers to order from. Their mission is to provide food to their customers at no additional cost so they don’t charge for service.

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Ours is a customer-centric brand, and we believe in building a product for and by them. When we were evaluating MoEngage, we found the same quality in them. The team has been fast and attentive with their onboarding process. They ensured that they provided us with the features our brand and our current engagement strategy needed. MoEngage accepted us not as a client but as a partner, and that’s the most important part of this collaboration.

Nick Bottai
Marketing Director, Foodhub
Business Need

Foodhub understands that its customer base varies with diverse food cravings and preferences. They aimed to segment their customer base using data insights. To do this, they needed to understand customers on a deeper level and segment them.

MoEngage Solution

Foodhub marketing team onboarded the MoEngage platform to build a strong and highly personalised customer experience. Using MoEngage, the brand plans to segment its customer based on selections, affinity, and purchase cycle, then run multi-channel campaigns.

Foodhub Onboarding Story

To learn more, download the detailed story of Foodhub below 👇