vetevo migrates to MoEngage and successfully launches within 3 weeks | MoEngage

vetevo migrates to MoEngage and successfully launches within 3 weeks

3 weeks
Swift migration from Braze
3 reasons
Best-of-breed CEP, Best Professional Services, Value for Money
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vetevo, established in 2018, is the leading direct-to-consumer pet diagnostics provider in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Driven by a mission to offer pet owners easy-to-use, reliable, and intuitive diagnostic solutions, vetevo aims to ensure pets lead joyful and healthy lives.

With a customer base exceeding 400k and a goal to double this in just 6 months this year, vetevo strategically chose to migrate to MoEngage to facilitate their expansion.

Business Goal

The vetevo team is focused on expanding their customer base, which currently stands at over 400k, with the goal of doubling it within the next 6 months. Their dedication lies in achieving long-term growth through improving app and web engagement. A key component of this strategy involves creating personalized, cohesive multi-channel experiences to strengthen the bond with their user base and enhance the overall customer journey. And to help them reach their goals, they migrated from Braze to MoEngage.

Business Goal

Switching to MoEngage was a significant move for vetevo, executed with remarkable speed and efficiency. This transition is a testament to our agile approach and our relentless pursuit of enhancing customer engagement.

Dr. Felix Röllecke
Dr. Felix Röllecke
Co-Founder & Managing Director
MoEngage Solution - The Platform

Utilizing MoEngage Web Personalisation, Transactional Messaging and Predictive Analytics to achieve long-term growth
MoEngage is an agile customer engagement platform with a straightforward user interface. It helps modern marketers quickly build audiences and deliver real-time personalization across channels. It is an integrated system that combines marketing automation, cross-channel engagement, and AI-powered predictive segmentation. It is designed to integrate with best-in-class, widely used marketing and data analytics solutions outside of the platform.

Swift Migration for Swift Growth

MoEngage's Professional Services team swiftly migrated vetevo from Braze within 3 weeks. They moved all of vetevo's campaigns to MoEngage and helped integrate email, Shopify (thanks to its plug-and-play integration), web personalization, transactional messaging, Facebook and Google Ads audiences to mention a few, all while providing best-in-class enablement, quality assurance, and go-live support.

Products Used
AI-based Recommendation Sherpa
Customer Insights & Analytics
Dynamic Product Messaging
In-app Messaging
Omnichannel Flows
Partnering With MoEngage for Long-term Success
  • Diversifying channel investments to maximize revenue conversion across web and app.
  • Optimizing ROAS from retargeting campaigns to convert web visitors into new customers.
  • Utilizing real-time customer data to deepen customer relationships and provide connected experiences.