Telekom Romania, a Deutsche Telekom Subsidiary, Improves Campaign CTR by a Staggering 65% with Merlin GenAI | MoEngage

Telekom Romania, a Deutsche Telekom Subsidiary, Improves Campaign CTR by a Staggering 65% with Merlin GenAI

increase in click-through rate
15 hours
saved per month on billable time from manual copywriting
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Deutsche Telekom (DT) is a telecommunications giant in Europe that serves 65 million mobile users, 19 million broadband lines, and 6.9 million TV customers via its TSystems and Telekom TMobile subsidiaries including Telekom Romania. Telekom Romania is Romania’s leading telecom company, with more than 4 million users.


MoEngage works with Telekom Romania, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, as well as other DT NatCos businesses in Europe.


Goals and Challenges

Prepaid activation is one of Telekom Romania's continuing and significant marketing initiatives; they send a reminder to their 4 million+ users about this every week. The intention is to encourage consistent app usage by activating additional data packs, roaming packs, and other products and services that are relevant to the app users.

As with their other campaigns, it is important to use well-written copy that is specific to each user on a large scale in order to achieve the desired results. So Telekom Romania spends a significant amount of time developing and A/B testing to see which copy converts best. When they heard about MoEngage's Merlin AI for Copywriting, they wasted no time in using it.

Goals and Challenges

The copy itself sounds authentic and on-brand, which is exactly what we want. Plus, it will save us a lot of time and money on copywriting for all of our campaigns, which is another win for us!

George Enache
George Enache
Digital Product Owner at Telekom Romania
Merlin AI for Copywriting Impact

Unlike other GenAIs, Merlin AI for Copywriting uses data from past campaign performance to produce copies proven to significantly improve conversion rates. It is a generative AI engine that learns and improves over time.

After only one month of use, Merlin AI for Copywriting has gradually raised Telekom Romania's click-through rates for their prepaid activation campaigns to 65%, increasing conversion as a result.

The AI engine's data-driven feature and ability to adapt to Telekom Romania's brand and tone of voice made a significant difference for the team. Not only did it improve marketing efficiency, but it also increased team productivity by freeing up time for important tasks rather than arduous copywriting.

Telekom Romania plans to roll out the use of Merlin AI for Copywriting in their other marketing efforts after seeing encouraging outcomes.

Products Used
A/B Testing
Build high ROI-driving campaigns with Merlin AI by learning from past campaigns, understanding context (based on audience and use case), and considering impact of certain keywords.Merlin Generative AI
Customer Insights & Analytics
In-app Messaging
Push Notification
The Results
  • 65% CTR increase in prepaid activation campaigns
  • 15 billable hours saved per month from manual copywriting