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Franki Drives 225% Uplift in Conversions with Predictions for Video-powered Culinary Experiences

Discover how Franki leveraged MoEngage’s Engage and Predict features, and personalization capabilities to achieve its goals of increasing sign-ups, optimizing engagement, and improving retention.


Franki is a US-based all-in-one solution that connects businesses with their local communities by providing recommendations about where to eat, drink, and play via user-generated video experiences.


Products Used
AI-based Recommendation Sherpa
Customer Insights & Analytics
Customer Journey Orchestration
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MoEngage brought us clarity on all of our install and engagement numbers, letting us effectively drive OKRs. Along with the accuracy of their reporting, their amazing team is available to assist in any strategic and technical problems we run into.

Nick Bennett
Head of Product, Franki
Increase in Customer Retention
Increase in Average Session Duration
The Challenge

Franki’s marketing team wanted an all-in-one solution that could help it increase the number of sign-ups, optimize engagement, and improve retention metrics.

The Solution

With MoEngage, Franki was able to segment its customers, create elaborate personalized customer journeys, and analyze campaign results, which helped increase overall customer engagement. MoEngage’s Engage and Predict features helped Franki identify customers who were most likely to drop off and engage them with personalized notifications, reducing churn. Specifically, MoEngage’s Predictions for Flows allowed Franki to optimize their campaigns and achieve uplifts in conversion.

The Results

Franki was able to drive up customer enagement with automation and personalization.

Overall, the brand was able to achieve the following in just 9 months:

  1. 12% increase in retention, while maintaining the average CTR at 6-7%
  2. 524% increase in average session duration 
  3. 225% uplift in conversions for prediction-based video posted flows


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