Furlenco Grew App-Driven Subscriptions From 30% to 75% in Three Years Using Contextual Engagement | MoEngage

Furlenco Grew App-Driven Subscriptions From 30% to 75% in Three Years Using Contextual Engagement

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Subscriptions from their mobile app
About Furlenco case-study-brand-logo

Furlenco is India’s largest furniture subscription-commerce company. This Bangalore-based firm founded in 2012 has catered to 200,000 satisfied customers across 13 cities so far, with its furniture and home decor rental services.

Business Need

The Furlenco team noticed drop-offs across the customer journey. For successful growth in subscriptions, they had to address these gaps and improve the overall customer engagement. The Furlenco team identified customer drop-off points and had to address these gaps: - How to reach out to prospective clients? - How to formulate messages for better subscription rates? - What should be the frequency of messaging? - How to improve the acquisition and onboarding experience to retain customers? - How to make the post-onboarding process more meaningful and engaging?

Business Need

MoEngage has been an integral part of our strategies. Whenever we plan our quarterly or yearly strategies, we do take into consideration how we are going to leverage MoEngage as a platform to further drive our customer engagement and acquisition on apps.

Rohin Hans
Rohin Hans
Sr. Director - Digital Marketing, Category and Growth

MoEngage has been a great partner during Furlenco's hyper-growth phase. As a product, it has enabled us to work smarter and connect with our customers in a meaningful way. As a partner, our collaboration and engagement with MoEngage is now a benchmark when we evaluate our relationships with other partners.

Varun Krishnakumar
Varun Krishnakumar
VP, Products & Technology
Contextual Engagement Across the Customer's Journey to Subscriptions

The Furlenco team identified drop-offs using Funnel and Behavior Analytics. The team followed up with contextual messages to retain customers on the app and grow subscriptions. Using MoEngage's Flows, Furlenco's team connected with customers across the subscription cycle.They sent carousel push notifications during the onboarding stage educated new customers about Furlenco's catalog offerings.

Increasing conversion rates with a personlized approach

The brand sent out personalized messaging using A/B testing that helped them optimize communication across channels like push notifications, SMs, and email. Furlenco witnessed drastic improvements to the conversion rate on their app.

Products Used
MoEngage Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered analytics.
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels using Omnichannel Flows.
Push Notification
Reach customers at the right time using AI-powered, targeted, push notifications.
The Result

As a subscription firm, it was important for Furlenco to add value to their customer journeys to ensure that they stay with them long-term. Hence, engaging them in a meaningful way was critical and required understanding the customer pulse through feedback.

• Carousel push notifications during the onboarding stage educated new customers about Furlenco’s catalog offerings.
• Personalized messaging using A/B testing helped optimize communication across push notifications, SMS, and email.
• App-driven subscriptions increased from 30% to 75%

MoEngage helped the team streamline their overall onboarding process and drive acquisition from the app at a very high scale. They helped understand customer behavior at each and every step of the funnel, identify what kind of messaging works, the right frequency, and how to make it meaningful.

The team leveraged MoEngage Flows, using push notifications and SMS as the core channels. MoEngage’s real-time dashboards have also been key in helping the team double down on their engagement strategy & conversions. With MoEngage’s assistance, the app has increased its conversions from 30% to 75%.