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How GIVA Increased Its Repeat Purchase Rates by 50%

Discover how GIVA used MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform to enable birthday-related Flows to uplift its repeat purchase rates by 50%!

About Giva

GIVA is a silver jewelry store aiming with a vision to make authentic, elegant, and fine jewelry accessible. Started in 2019, GIVA has grown rapidly to become one of India’s leading silver jewelry and natural diamond jewelry brand.

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MoEngage's customer support is impeccable. Whenever we raise any tickets, the team addresses the issues and comes to us with a solution ASAP. Using their insights-led engagement platform, we were able to create Birthday-related Flows for our customers. This has led to an increase of 50% in our repeat purchase rates!

V Rathna Kishore
Product Associate, GIVA
increase in
repeat purchases
5% to 10%
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Business Challenge

Here's a glimpse at the challenges that the GIVA team was facing prior to using MoEngage:

1. Finding Relevant Ways to Engage Customers: With the heavy influx of customers that GIVA was acquiring, there wasn't a precise and relevant way to engage with them

2. Hesitancy to Convert as Customers: While the user interest in products on the Giva app was high, it wasn't translating to actual conversions

3. Low Repeat Purchase Rates: The probability of customers coming back to the app to make repeat purchases was also relatively low

MoEngage Solution

In the jewelry industry, most of the purchases happen during the birthday months of customers, and the GIVA team wanted to capitalize on that. Using multichannel, Birthday-related Flows by MoEngage, GIVA informed the customers that there was a surprise jewelry gift for them via Push Notifications and WhatsApp.

The team was also using in-app notification campaigns to nudge the customers to check out GIVA's bestsellers and additionally also displaying coupon codes to improve the basket sizes. The team also used Dynamic Product Messaging to counter the high cart abandonments by sending emails and push notifications with the image of the exact product that has been left in their carts.

About MoEngage

MoEngage is an Insights-led Customer Engagement platform built for customer-obsessed brands.

Insights-led Engagement flywheel

With industry-leading AI and Machine Learning capabilities, MoEngage provides insights on customers, their journey, behavior, interests, preferences, and the short and long-term impact of campaigns on key business metrics like customer retention and LTV.

Brands use MoEngage to leverage these insights and enable hyper-personalization at scale across multiple touchpoints like mobile push, email, in-app, website push, on-site message, SMS, Whatsapp, and social messaging platforms.

Fortune 500 brands across 35+ countries such as Deutsche Telekom, Samsung, Vodafone, Nestle, McAfee, and internet-first brands such as Ola, OYO, Bigbasket, and InMobi use MoEngage to orchestrate cross-channel customer journeys and delight their customers across multiple touchpoints.

The Result

Through multichannel Birthday-related Flows, GIVA clocked a 50% uplift in their repeat purchase rates. Additionally, by using MoEngage’s Dynamic Product Messaging, GIVA solved their cart abandonment issues and increased their conversions from 5% to 10%!

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