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JibJab Observes 30% Boost in CTR by Personalizing Push Notifications

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Lift in Conversion Ratio
Uptick in CTR
About JibJab case-study-brand-logo

JibJab, an American digital entertainment studio founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, provides content and tools that help their customer base be funny in their digital lives. Their content ranges from iconic music videos to their in-house animated JibJab Originals.

JibJab first achieved widespread attention during the 2004 US presidential election when the video of George Bush and John Kerry singing ‘This Land Is Your Land’ became a viral hit. It has partnered with brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Apple, NFL, Nike, and more to spread smiles. 

Business Need

JibJab’s customer base is more inclined to visit its platform during holidays and special events. But outside of these events, optimizing customer engagement was becoming a task. To solve this problem, the JibJab product team curated new features to improve customer engagement outside of holidays. However, the limitations of their existing customer engagement platform led to missed opportunities to engage customers across their conversion journeys.

JibJab’s marketing team was facing challenges such as:

No Holistic Customer View - Lack of a 360-degree view of customers due to fragmented, inactionable data.

Inaccessibility to Actionable Insights - Lack of useful analytics to understand customer behavior, engagement metrics, and impact across channels.

Non-personalized Campaigns - Generic, non-personalized campaigns lead to low conversion ratios and CTR.

Business Need

Our engagement strategy was to connect with our customers using relevancy, that’s why we created a hyper-personalized engagement strategy. MoEngage and its team realized our vision and promptly built the best possible approach to improve our customer engagement. While MoEngage’s User Path Analysis gave us a holistic view of our customers’ journeys, personalized pushes and Intelligent Path Optimizer also allowed us to engage them at the right moment.

Marc Geraldez
Marc Geraldez
Product Manager, JibJab
MoEngage Solution

After a thorough platform analysis, JibJab decided to employ the MoEngage Insights-led Customer Engagement platform. With MoEngage, the team wanted to get a 360° understanding of their customers, use these insights to create intelligent engagement campaign workflows, and send personalized messaging based on their current journey stage.

Step 1: Create a 360° customer view using User Path Analysis

The first step in JibJab’s engagement strategy was to get a bird’s-eye view of customers' different paths deep-dive into app activity timelines, and fill gaps in the customer journey. With MoEngage’s User Path Analysis, the team mapped active and dormant paths and found various customer drop-offs across the journey. The User Path Analysis eventually helped the team navigate the best paths to engage customers.

Step 2: Build customer journeys with Intelligent Path Optimizer

The next step in their strategy was to experiment with multiple journeys within a single workflow instead of creating individual flows for each customer. The Intelligent Path Optimizer (IPO) feature, with A/B testing in MoEngage Flows allowed the team to identify the best-performing channels along with messaging frequency and sequence. Additionally, IPO allowed the team to utilize SHERPA, our AI-powered recommendation engine, to identify the best paths to conversion intelligently.

Step 3: Push notifications for automated reminders

Next, the team triggered automated push notifications based on their current journey paths to encourage customers to create/share more content and remind customers about upcoming special events. With relevant segmentation and workflow in place, the team sent eye-catching and personalized push notifications to every customer.

Step 4: In-app notifications to streamline customer onboarding

JibJab’s team utilized in-app notifications to welcome new customers and help them discover the most prominent features of their app. The aim was to create a great first impression and enhance the customer experience to build long-term relationships with customers.

Step 5: Decode the Best Time to Send

Next, JibJab employed the Best Time to Send feature that enabled them to learn from their customers’ activity over time to identify customers’ statistically optimized ‘Perfect Timing.’ Sherpa, MoEngage’s AI engine, adapted to changing customer behavior and continually updated the Best Time to Send for further optimization and profound results!

Step 6: Hyper-personalized messaging across channels

The last part of the strategy was to create a hyper-personalized engagement loop that ensures customers are engaged across their journey stages. The team utilized two core channels—push notification and in-app messaging.

Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
Create unique, seamless experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey.
In-app Messaging
Accelerate engagement and motivate action on mobile, through contextually personalized, in-app messages.
Push Notification
Reach customers at the right time using AI-powered, targeted, push notifications.
The Result

Using MoEngage’s Push Notifications, Best Time Send, and Intelligent Path Optimizer, JibJab observed:

  • 1.5X lift in conversion ratio through IPO
  • 82% uptick in CTR using Best Time to Send
  • Increase in CTR by 30% with personalized vs. non-personalized campaign