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LivWell Leverages Advanced Segmentation to Drive Higher Conversion and Product Adoption


About LivWell

LivWell Asia, a blockchain-based Gamified Insurtech & health engagement application, provides low-cost bite-size Health and Term Insurance in Vietnam and India aimed towards Gen-Z. LivWell envisions reimagining health, wellness, and insurance through partnerships with California Fitness and Yoga Center (CFYC, Vietnam), Samsung, Decathlon, Garnier, among others. Members can take up a variety of fitness challenges at partner outlets (CFYC) to earn rewards which can then be redeemed for exclusive offers on partner outlets.

Business Challenge

To build an effective wellness ecosystem, LivWell needed to understand customer preferences and affinities. They needed to add more layers of scientific analysis behind the campaigns which led to the adoption of an insights-led customer engagement platform in MoEngage.

MoEngage Solution

LivWell has been able to run customer-centric campaigns by setting up various flows and cross-channel journeys for onboarding, engagement, and retention. They personalized the communication by creating multiple cross-channel flows across the entire lifecycle.
higher conversion rate from event-triggered onboarding flow
higher conversion rate from partner-led in-app communications

What They Say About Us

The challenge was to figure out ways to better engage our customers. With MoEngage, we’re able to create seamless triggered flows across the customer journey, from onboarding to retention, and segment our customers better to run effective in-app campaigns, yielding great conversion ratios.
Nikhil Verma
Founder and CEO

How LivWell Drives Conversions 2.5X Higher Than Industry Benchmark

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