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How Mamaearth Successfully Increased Delivery Rates by 219%

Find out how Mamaearth, one of India's most popular E-commerce brands, successfully increased delivery rates by a whopping 219%!

About Mamaearth

Founded in 2016 by husband-wife duo Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh, Mamaearth is Asia’s first brand with Made safe certified products that offer toxin-free & natural baby care, and personal care products. Driven by innovation and using the best of nature and science, the brand caters to all personal care needs of young, aspirational, and increasingly conscious Indian consumers.

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As we matured as a D2C brand, our strategy was to shift focus towards customer retention more heavily. We’ve been able to do this via MoEngage, by leveraging intelligent insights to communicate about products, cashbacks, and offers to our customers in a hyper-personalized manner. MoEngage has proved to be a strong partner in this journey to scale with our brand’s growth seamlessly.

Abhishek Gupta
Senior VP, D2C, Honasa Consumer Ltd.
Uplift in Delivery Rates
Increase in Repeat Customers
Business Challenge

With limited data access due to data privacy issues that have cropped up in the recent years, fewer conversations are made. As a result, the cost of acquiring customers elevates. The advertising prices as well become ineffective due to the return on ad spend reduction. So as Mamaearth matured as a brand, there was a need to make a shift from an initial focus on customer acquisition to customer retention. MoEngage helped prove instrumental in executing this at scale.

MoEngage Solution

Mamaearth utilized MoEngage’s Push Amplification® Plus technology, to improve its user reachability and, consequently increased delivery rates from 26% to 83%! This signifies that there was a ginormous 219% uplift in the delivery rates! The famed E-commerce brand also created and disseminated a litany of personalized nudges in the form of push notifications using MoEngage by setting up “post-purchase journeys,” and the impact on their clickthrough rates was astounding. Additionally, using targeted segmentation and hyper-personalization across multiple channels using MoEngage, the Mamaearth team witnessed a significant uplift of 26% in repeat customers!

The Result

Using MoEngage, Mamaearth was able to:

  • Clock 219% uplift in the push notification delivery rates
  • Observe a 26% increase in repeat customers* using targeted segmentation and hyper-personalization
  • Set up “post-purchase journeys” littered with personalized nudges to see:
    – A 90% increase in CTRs for stylized push notifications with a CTA
    – A 50% increase in CTRs for personalized carousel push notifications
    – A 40% increase in CTRs for timer-based push notifications

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