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MySyara Witnesses 3X Increase in Conversions Using Segmentation

Discover how MySyara, on-demand car care and technology company increases its conversions by 3X using flows, RFM and Email Campaigns.

About MySyara

MySyara is an on-demand car care and technology company. From mobile car washing and detailing to oil changes, diagnostics, and on-time servicing, MySyara offers a convenient, trusted, and professional service.

Founded in 2019, the car care brand is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and has operations across UAE and Kerala, India.

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Prior to engaging with MoEngage, we were using an internal tool to drive engagement. However, due to various manual processes, MySyara witnessed major gaps in its engagement strategy. The internal tool restricted us from analyzing which channel was performing well and did not provide insight into customers’ preferences. This is where we think our partnership with MoEngage has been fruitful.

Renjith Krishna
Head of Growth - B2C
conversions using RFM segmentation for 'abandoned cart' flows
uplift in open rate with informative email campaigns vs generic emails
Business Challenge

The idea behind customer engagement has been there with MySyara from its inception. They had started utilizing internal platforms along with some third-party vendors to drive communication.
However, one of the biggest challenges faced by MySyara was scheduling its push notifications campaigns. While they were actively using push notifications to communicate with their customers, there wasn’t much segmentation in terms of events and users available.

As a result, they could not garner a lot of traction from these campaigns.

MoEngage Solution

Utilizing Different Channels With Custom Segmentation

MySyara started using Emails and Push Notifications along with customer segmentation

Leveraging Customer Journey Orchestration (Flows) with RFM Segmentation

MySyara also used RFM segmentation (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) within flows to engage with customers through different channels.

The Result
  • 3X increase in conversions for segmented push notifications vs general push notifications
  • 12.62% conversions using RFM segmentation for ‘abandoned cart’ flows
  • 5% uplift in open rate with informative email campaigns vs generic emails

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