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Nostragamus Achieves 50% Uplift in Push Notification Delivery With MoEngage’s Push Amplification +

Discover how Nostragamus used MoEngage™ Push Amplification® Plus to achieve a 75% increase in push notification delivery rates on Xiaomi devices and a 40% increase in delivery rates across all devices.

About Nostragamus

Nostragamus is India’s first prediction-based, fantasy sports app with over 5 mn users across Android, IOS, and the web. The firm entered the market with an aim to create a fantasy sports app specifically for the Indian audience.

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Push Amplification +
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“Push Amplification + technology, allowed us to reach out to users at the right time and thereby allowed us to increase our average spend per user in a month.”

Gaurav Konar
Founder and CTO - Nostragamus
Uplift in Delivery Rates Across All Devices
Increase in Delivery Rates for Users Active in the Last 30 Days
The Problem

Nostragamus struggled with a low push notification delivery which affected their overall retention strategy.

MoEngage Solution

Using MoEngage’s Push Amplification + Nostragamus was able to produce timely, relevant messaging in order to engage its users across different levels of the onboarding journey.

The Result

With 30% of Nostragamus customers using Xiaomi devices, the low push notification delivery rate was making it hard to re-engage customers & improve retention. With MoEngage’s Push amplification+, the team was able to increase delivery rates across all devices.

• 40% uplift in delivery rates across all devices
• 50% increase in delivery rates for users active in the last 30 days
• 75% increase in delivery Rates for users on Xiaomi devices

Inactivity on the app made it hard to reach and re-engage customers, especially those on Chinese OEMs. With Push Amplification® Plus, the team was able to increase delivery rates for them by 50%. Even for customers active for less than 30 days, there was an increase in delivery rates from 12% to 15%.

With Push Amplification Plus, the team could see a stunning 75% increase in delivery rates on Xiaomi devices. For customers active in the last 30 days, Nostragamus achieved a 45% increase and for those active for less than 30 days, they achieved 3X the delivery rate of what was achieved on other OEMs.

Learn how Nostragamus Uplifted Push Notification Delivery with MoEngage

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