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NOVA Entertainment Boosts Loyalty with Listeners via an Insights-led Approach to Engagement

Increase in General Mobile App Activity
Improvement in In-app Listening
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As Australia’s highest-reaching network ‘consisting of 8.98 million live listeners and 1.5 million on on-demand,’ NOVA Entertainment delivers the most accessible and much-loved content for brands and listeners across Australia. Their ambition is to inspire a nation’s love of listening spanning every aspect of the audio experience, live and on-demand, supported by NOVA’s creativity and expertise in creating meaningful connections between brands who advertise on NOVA and their audiences.

Challenges in Activating Audience Data

NOVA Entertainment recognised that to expand on their digital product development, audience acquisition, and engagement strategy, including listener experience. The business needed to build an ecosystem that would incorporate multiple digital data points. The ecosystem would be utilised by product, marketing & commercial teams for insights & activation. This understanding would enable NOVA Entertainment to leverage data-driven decision-making.

It was critical for NOVA Entertainment to onboard a customer engagement platform to tactically engage with their listeners, drive content discovery, frequency of listening and more time spent with their brands, develop measurement and metrics that contribute to core business audience KPIs.

Challenges in Activating Audience Data

MoEngage provides a better and more nuanced understanding of our audiences and their preferences than our previous legacy platform. Unlike other platforms, MoEngage is accessible and easy for our team members to use. Also, MoEngage’s roadmap is definitely ahead of the curve and in alignment with the changing technology landscape. This makes it easier for us to focus on audience engagement and improve our retention whilst increasing the time listeners spend with us.

Tim Armstrong
Tim Armstrong
Director - Digital Product, Technology and Data
Building an Agile Martech Stack with MoEngage

NOVA identified a number of critical requirements for selecting the right fit customer engagement platform, such as; flexible data ingestion, advanced audience segmentation, campaign management and engagement, detailed analytics, compliance and privacy governance, and platform reliability.

Their rigorous process around selecting a customer engagement platform was consistent with and influenced by their broader audience data ecosystem vision.

The primary factors that influenced NOVA’s decision to choose MoEngage included:

- MoEngage’s intuitive UI, fast learning curve, and operational efficiency were crucial considerations given NOVA’s operating structure and the specific requirements of an audio first environment.

- MoEngage's ability to effectively engage listeners across various channels significantly influenced their decision-making process.

- A decisive factor for NOVA was MoEngage's promising roadmap and continuous investment in improvements and new capabilities following NOVA's growth trajectory.

Facilitating Multi-Channel Communication with Listeners

NOVA leverages listener data directly from their Customer Data Platform mParticle, while MoEngage facilitates real-time personalised engagement with NOVA’s audiences. The bi-directional data flow between mParticle and MoEngage helps them measure the impact of their campaigns and ensure new activity from listeners is added to their audience profiles. NOVA also utilises MoEngage’s API to query campaign information and manage data deletion requests.

According to the team at NOVA, MoEngage was more forthcoming than other vendors in working directly with them to ensure success in integrating the platform with their existing technology stack.

Products Used
Customer Insights & Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered insights and analytics.
Customer Journey Orchestration
Create unique, seamless experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey.
In-app Messaging
Accelerate engagement and motivate action on mobile, through contextually personalized, in-app messages.
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels using Omnichannel Flows.
The Result

Using MoEngage, NOVA Entertainment was able to:

  • send audiences personalised communications because of better insights from data regarding listener behaviour, user profiles, etc
  • execute campaigns faster and hence drives efficiency in their day-to-day operations
  • get access to comprehensive insights regarding campaign performance and audience segmentation
  • increase general mobile app activity by 17% (session start and ends combined) and in-app listening by 5% (listener has played a radio event)