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How Oswald, a Unilever Brand, Uses MoEngage to Power Omnichannel Engagement

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Oswald, a Unilever brand, is a state-of-the-art supplier of over 250 product categories of fine food ingredients, such as bouillons, spices, sauces, and desserts, all with outstanding taste. From generation to generation, whole families in Switzerland have been cooking with the delectable Oswald products.

Business Challenge

Oswald uses offline and online channels to engage and bring its products closer to its customers. Their engagement strategy included channels ranging from an online store to booths at fairs and field staff who went door-to-door on people's homes to educate and bring their products closer to them. Their previous martech stack didn’t allow them to unify data from both online and offline sources to help them build a 360-degree, unified customer profile. They were looking to bring in an intuitive customer engagement platform that aided the consolidation of customer data from multiple sources so they could build an omnichannel engagement strategy. In addition, Oswald wanted to onboard a platform that would help them with segmentation and powerful analytics capabilities.

Business Challenge

Being a customer-centric brand, we wanted to onboard a platform that helped us unify our customer data, accurately segment our customer base, and send out highly personalised campaigns through multiple channels, both online and offline. We evaluated a lot of products on the market, but MoEngage proved to be the best fit. Not just due to the platform’s capabilities but also the team’s unwavering commitment to ensure our brand’s success.

Nadine Berdux
Nadine Berdux
Head of CRM & Online Marketing, Oswald
Embracing the power of 360-degree customer data unification

As a brand committed to building a seamless omnichannel engagement strategy, Oswald onboarded MoEngage® for its 360-degree customer data unification, powerful predictions model, and segmentation capabilities. Oswald uses MoEngage®’s powerful analytics and segmentation capabilities to optimise online engagement and help the field sales representatives use these insights to personalise their communication. The brand also saw the need for a custom feature in the form of outbound segment sync to automatically export segments to their other tools such as cloud telephony tools and coupon triggering platform. MoEngage® was able to build this for Oswald, as well as sync and update these segments on a daily basis.

The Road Ahead

Oswald will be adding MoEngage®’s Web Push as a new channel in their engagement strategy, drive better on-site personalisation and set up different MoEngage® dashboards to improve reporting and help various stakeholders within the brand understand the customer better.

Products Used
Custom Segments
Create easy-to-use cohorts based on behavioral, funnel, and RFM analysis
Web Push
Create personalized web experiences with targeted web push notifications
The Impact
  • Seamless integration of online and offline customer data, leading to a holistic omnichannel engagement approach.
  • Better personalisation, driven by powerful analytics, predictions, and segmentation capabilities.
  • Increased visibility across different teams and stakeholders due to detailed reporting and dashboards.