Discover How Segari Boosts WhatsApp Performance by 20%

How Segari Delivers 20% Boost in WhatsApp Performance over Benchmarks

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higher WhatsApp delivery rates compared to the benchmark
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Founded in 2020, Segari was brought in to help solve Indonesia’s agriculture supply chain issue with a mission to make e-grocery and end-to-end supply chain more efficient and reliable, delivering from farm to table within 15 hours.


MoEngage has been a time-saving powerhouse for our team. Its streamlined processes and automation features have significantly reduced manual efforts, allowing us to focus more on strategy and creativity. By using the different features and channels, with a special mention to MoEngage Flows, we successfully increased our conversions by 87.45%

Audia Surachmat
Audia Surachmat
Head of Brand Marketing, Segari

Segari, together with MoEngage optimized existing strategies to deliver better business outcomes, alongside exploring new channels for growth. With MoEngage flows, they were able to identify the customer drop-off points and make customer behavior-focused improvements. While keeping retention high and customers happy, they also explored and leveraged channels like WhatsApp native, In-app, etc.

Winning at customer retention and increasing conversions through flows and in-app conversations

Segari knew oering a great customer engagement experience could increase retention and loyalty. Using MoEngage, they optimized their engagement with personalization, and omnichannel communication, resulting in an excellent app/site open-uninstall ratio. Achieving a remarkable 93.42% retention rate, Segari, with MoEngage, meticulously mapped the customer journey from app open to potential uninstall scenarios. They implemented targeted interventions at each stage to keep the customers engaged and invested, such as personalized content, loyalty rewards, and proactive customer support. This holistic approach turned casual browsers into loyal customers, drastically reducing the uninstallation rate.

Implementing Flow campaigns led to a conversion rate of 34.93%. These campaigns were meticulously designed to guide the customers through a curated journey, from initial interest to final purchase. By analyzing customer data, MoEngage helped Segari send the right message at the right time through the right channel, creating a smooth, irresistible ow toward purchase. This strategy was not about hard selling but about making the buying process so natural and appealing that customers owed toward the checkout.

Segari leveraged MoEngage's features to craft engaging in-app conversations. This led to an impressive conversation rate of 53.76%, which towered over the industry standard of 9%. This success was attributed to integrating interactive elements, such as quizzes, polls, and personalized greetings, making the app experience more conversational and less transactional. The focus was on creating a dialogue rather than a monologue, making each customer feel heard and valued.

Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
Create unique, seamless experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey
In-app Messaging
Elevate mobile experience with contextually relevant in-app messaging
Trigger interactive conversations with quick replies and contextual CTAs on WhatsApp
The Results

Segari adopted an insights-led approach to engagement, leveraging MoEngage’s capabilities and observed:

  • 8% over the benchmark for stickiness
  • 24% uplift in conversions using the flow campaign
  • 146% uplift for in-app conversions over the industry benchmark
  • 89.9% boost in iOS Monthly Active Users (MAUs)
  • 69.9% increase in Android Monthly Active Users (MAUs)