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Treebo Achieves Higher Conversions and Improved Delivery Rates with MoEngage

About Treebo

Treebo is one of India’s top-rated tech-enabled hotel chains with 430 hotels in 83 cities.

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I’ll vouch for the tech stability of MoEngage’s platform. We have strong faith in the Tech Stack that MoEngage has developed - that’s the USP of MoEngage.

Rana Vishal Singh
Head of Marketing, Treebo
The Problem

The budget hotel industry in India is a crowded space. Treebo was striving to establish their brand and recall while differentiating themselves based on superior customer experience across touchpoints.

MoEngage Solution

Using MoEngage, Treebo implemented marketing automation practices to drive conversion rates and a tech-stack to optimize the mobile and web experience.

Additional Information

MoEngage is an advanced AWS partner. The strategic partnership with AWS further enhances the company’s developmental and cloud capabilities to deliver best-in-class marketing automation solutions. AWS helps MoEngage captures and processes millions of customer events every hour and leverage that data to power real-time personalized marketing.

Learn How Treebo Achieved Higher Conversions With MoEngage

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