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Vedantu Grew 65% of Their Topline Business With Insight-led Engagement

Discover how Vedantu used MoEngage’s AI engine Sherpa and Push Amplification Plus to improve their overall customer engagement and attained a 65% growth in their topline business.

About Vedantu

Vedantu is a Bengaluru-based tutoring platform and a leader in the K-12 LIVE tutoring space, with over 2M students across India. It was established with a vision to help every child get access to quality education anytime, anywhere.

APAC, India
Products Used
AI-based Recommendation Sherpa
MoEngage Analytics
Push Amplification +
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We maximized our campaign's output by identifying the preferred time in each grade segment. We also added predictive campaigns based on customer behavior in order to engage the customer from one product to another. Personalized campaigns, along with multiple action-triggered campaigns were identified based on the data flowing in MoEngage.

Kunal Dubey
Head of Marketing, Vedantu
Overall growth in the topline business
Increase in DAUs
The Problem

Vedantu noticed a large number of drop-offs at various stages in the student's lifecycle. Vedantu’s team wanted to bring back these students to their app/website and allow students to fulfill their need to learn in a personalized manner.

The MoEngage Solution

Using MoEngage, Vedantu’s team identified the ideal student path from signup to tutorial completion on their website or app. Next, the team created cohorts based on student behavior and event actions across channels and campaigns.

The Result

To solve for the key issue of student drop-offs, Vedantu’s team tried to identify the ideal student path from signup to tutorial completion on their app. This was followed by the creation of cohorts based on student behavior to identify the drop-off points.

• 3x increase in DAUs
• 15% growth in engagement within 3 months
• 140% increase in campaign’s messaging CTR
• 65% overall growth in the topline business

With MoEngage’s support in continuous data monitoring and analysis, the team was not just able to help students finish their classes but also opt for new, relevant courses. In addition to using MoEngage for personalizing engagement, the team decided to combine their analytics into the same platform.

MoEngage’s data dashboards helped with daily analytics like adoption, engagement product trends, funnel conversions, drop-offs, and customer behavior. This data was also used to send regular push and web notifications. The dynamic and relevant nature of these messages was well received by the customers.



At Vedantu, customer engagement is our primary goal and to increase the quality of a lead we funnel students through various engagement products. MoEngage has helped us improve product adoption, lead quality, MAU engagement, retention, and stickiness, resulting in a better customer experience.

Palak Wadhawan
Manager, Growth & Marketing, Vedantu

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