Personalization Pulse Check Report 2021

  • How does the digital consumer think brands are doing when it comes to personalization?
  • Have consumers’ expectations changed?
  • What are some consumer preferences from brand communication in 2021?
  • Here's the most in-depth report based on the voice of the consumer.

Get access to trends, personalization strategies and real-world use cases

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Survey Demographics

  • Geographies Covered
  • Gender Ratio
  • Job Roles
MoEngage commissioned the survey between February 25 and March 8, 2021, across 1,000 consumers – 250 each from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany.
The sample size is balanced by age and gender for North America and Europe.
The consumers are all 18 years of age and older. They have been segmented based on job roles.

Get Consumer Insights Around

Quality of product and great customer service are the two most important aspects for a delightful experience for North American and European consumers.
Irrelevant products and inconsistent messaging across channels are the top frustrations for consumers in North America and Europe.
Consumers want brands to personalize their experiences based on their previous purchase history and interests.
40% of North American and European consumers will adopt a hybrid model of online and offline shopping once normalcy restores, while 36% would prefer shopping online.

This report gives marketers an understanding of consumers’ customer engagement preferences as well as strategic guidance and best practices to keep consumers engaged.

With Personalization Pulse Check Report 2021, you get access to customers’ preferences around engagement, strategies to personalize customer experience based on these insights and how businesses have successfully implemented personalization