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6 in-app messages that delighted users

  • Updated: 30 March 2021
  • 5 min read

Did you know? Only 33% of app marketers use in-app messages, but they achieved 3.5X higher retention? Also, apps that use in-app messages get nearly 50% of returning users, compared to only 36% returning users for apps that have no in-app messaging in place. In our own study at MoEngage, customer in-app messages have resonated with up to 28% of app users.

In-app messages for the win:

So, should in-app messages be part of your larger marketing strategy? Hell yes! Read on to find out how in-apps are providing a unique solution to marketers’ problems.

in-app stat









Yet, several marketers out there are not fully aware of how they can best leverage in-app messages. Partly due to the difficulties in creating in-app campaigns. Typically building in-app messages requires design and engineering team support thus making it not very feasible for marketers. Luckily, with tools like MoEngage In-app NATIV, marketers are finally able to build and deploy in-app messages with zero engineering and design involvement What’s more? Marketers can also choose from over 16 fully customizable templates each built with a unique purpose in mind.

Today, we would like to take you through some great real-life in-app messages that struck a chord with app users.

keep em posted

Keep 'em posted:


Fashion is all about timing. To keep up with the times, fashion retailers need to constantly update their collection. One of our leading fashion retailer apps prides itself on bringing in the latest in fashion to its users. So what better way to let users know about the latest collections other than in-apps? With an Image + Text + Button combo template, this fashion retailer regularly keeps updating their regular app users with 'latest in collection'. Thanks to our WYSIWYG in-app editor, this retailer could build and deploy in-app messages every time the fashion industry decided to change course!



save now

Save now and save more!


When a user is busy doing something on the app, it is best to gently ‘tap’ them on the shoulder rather than go with an all-out “Hello there, why don’t you hear me out!” message. Here’s how a leading e-commerce app leveraged in-app nudges to encourage online payments from  users in return for discounts and cash backs. Nudges also work great for cross-selling and up-selling products on the app too.


value prop

Value proposition


For some apps, it is important to repeatedly let users know some unique features of the app found to be nowhere else. In this example, you can clearly see the in-app stating a primary value proposition of the app by informing the users about the app’s ‘offline music’ feature with which users can download and play songs even when they are off the grid. Note that this cleverly crafted in-app was triggered when users playing their favorite songs hence increasing the chances of users downloading and saving these songs for offline use.

tell us more


Tell us more:


Sometimes app marketers would like to know why and what users like best - to fine tune future app experiences to users. In this case, one of India’s leading housing apps deployed in-app messages to learn about how users preferred to design and decorate their houses. By building a ‘survey in-app’ consisting of Image + Text + Three buttons, the housing app gathered data which was further leveraged to generate offers that are more relevant to users’ choices on the in-app survey.


rate us

Rate us:


Did you know? By just increasing your app rating from two to four increases conversion by 540 percent? That’s a huge number considering the increasing customer acquisition costs for apps today. Apart from garnering star ratings for the app influencing downloads, the in-app can also play an effective role in garnering issues users might be facing on the app.

Here’s an example of a great looking two-button ‘rating in-app’ message by one of India’s leading automobile app. A user has a choice to rate the app or skip it and the in-app can be shown at a later point in time.



drive referral

Drive referral:


Referrals are a great way to grow your app. Why is it that you ask? 65% of new businesses comes in through referrals. Most importantly, the lifetime value of a new referral customer is 16% higher. In-app messages are just the right way to go about boosting your referral programme. Please note that timing your in-app referral campaigns remains the key. Ideally, it should be placed soon after a user completes a transaction or any desired action on your app.




In-app messages, when done right can give your app marketing the required boost it needs. It is, therefore imperative to make in-apps a key part of your larger marketing strategy. 

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