Apple iPhone Launch 2018 and What This Means to Marketers

  • UPDATED: 17 July 2023
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Earlier this month, we witnessed what can be called as the “Super Bowl” moment of the mobile world as Apple made its BIG launches coupled with the “Welcome to Big Screens” announcement. Mobile and technology enthusiasts world-over tuned in to the keynote speech by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook followed by the announcement of Apple’s new handhelds and wearables – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the Apple Watch Series 4.

What’s Changed With These New Devices?

We’re in the second decade of iPhones, and a lot has changed right from the OS powering these devices, hardware, naming convention, screen sizes, dual-sim compatibility, and more. These X Series phones run on Apple’s iOS 12 platform along with the A12 Bionic chip next-gen neural engine that Apple says can leverage real-time machine learning to enhance performance and user experience. With iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple gives us Super Retina HD displays including the largest iPhone screen ever (6.5 inches). iPhone XR comes with the innovative Liquid Retina display screen that allows Apple to stretch the screen size to 6.1 inches with minimal alterations to the overall device dimensions. Keeping with the BIG theme, the Apple Watch Series 4 has a 30 percent larger display and can accommodate more information. Powered by the new S4 chip that Apple says has twice the processing power. The watch comes with upgrades to the accelerometer and gyroscope and has fall detection. The Apple watch also supports ECG and users can measure ECG of their heart anytime from their wrist.

The Impact of Apple’s New Launches on Mobile Marketing

Apple has made some significant changes with this launch and users are going to be delighted with the all-new screen sizes and the dual-sim options. However, the iOS 12 platform powering these handheld devices requires mobile marketers to rethink their mobile engagement strategy if they haven’t done so already.

Apple iPhone Launch and What This Means to Marketers
Apple iPhone Launch 2018 and What This Means to Marketers
  1. Push notifications appearing on the lock screen of iOS 12 devices can be grouped based on apps or custom groups. What this means is that you can now create custom notification groups for your transactional notifications and promotional notifications to enhance your brand experience and MoEngage’s AI-powered Push Notifications platform helps you implement this functionality for your brand.
  2. Users can access notification settings from their lock screen. They can also turn off notifications or select ‘Deliver Quietly,’ to hide notifications from the lock-screen.
  3. SIRI can detect user responses to notifications and based on that provide recommendations to turn-off the notifications for an App.

It is essential now more than ever to place your users at the center of your marketing strategy and focus on enhanced user experience across channels. MoEngage offers an array of mobile-first marketing features that will help you navigate through the new iOS 12 and Android platforms and engage with your mobile web and app users in the most impactful manner.

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