Connect and Create: New Product Announcements At MoEngage Next 2023

Bringing Flexibility to Connect Data Across Tools and Adding New Features to Create Experiences That Customers Love

  • UPDATED: 19 July 2023
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We’re thrilled to share the latest product releases from MoEngage launched during our bi-annual event, MoEngage NEXT 2023, as part of our #GROWTH Summit in Bangalore.

At MoEngage, we aim to help businesses connect with customers in a personalized and meaningful way. The team here at MoEngage is hard at work building industry-first capabilities, integrations, and optimizations designed to improve our customers’ experiences and their business outcomes. This year, we’ve introduced some exciting new features that allow brands to seamlessly connect their data across tools and create experiences that their customers will adore.

MoEngage Inform and MoEngage Personalize Accessible To All

We’re excited to announce that our latest innovations, MoEngage Inform and MoEngage Personalize, previously available in public beta, are now available to all our customers and prospects. Our teams have worked for months to fine-tune and perfect these new features based on customer feedback and our rigorous testing process. The end result? Our customers love these innovations!

MoEngage Inform: Unified messaging infrastructure that enables brands to build and manage transactional alerts across channels through One API.

MoEngage Personalize: Helping brands maximize conversions by delighting every visitor with personalized web experiences.

Connect Data Across the Tech Stack

Data silos are a big blocker for decision-making and slow down your business growth. To enable brands to work with the same data across various tools in their tech stack, we’ve invested in features that seamlessly help you move your data in and out of MoEngage.

Introducing Outbound Segment Sync: Power All Your Platforms With Rich Customer Segments From MoEngage

Outbound Segment Sync enables you to easily sync and export high-value customer segments from MoEngage to any other platform in your tech stack.

​​With a few clicks, you can configure the destinations – experimentation platforms such as VWO or AB Tasty, nudging platforms like Apxor, or in-app personalization platforms like Storyly – and export segments almost instantly. Moreover, you can ensure customer segments are updated by setting a desired sync frequency (either one-time or periodic) on the dashboard, which can also be used to monitor the synced segments.

For example, an E-commerce store can sync price-sensitive customer segments (using RFM) monthly to a specialized in-app personalization platform like Storyly to engage them with exclusive offer campaigns through embedded stories.

Automated Imports From S3/SFTP Folders

This brand-new feature enables you to periodically import data directly from your S3 and SFTP folders. This means you can now quickly transfer your data from these sources and use it to create targeted and personalized campaigns for your customers. With this new feature, you can save time and effort manually transferring your data and instead focus on using it to create impactful marketing campaigns.

MoEngage Partners With Adobe Real-Time CDP to Empower Hyper-personalized Customer Engagement

Access Adobe Real-Time CDP’s rich customer insights, such as real-time events and unified customer profiles, and use that data to deliver personalized customer experiences through MoEngage.

Create Experiences That Your Customers Love

In today’s digital-first world, brands need the ability to send compelling, personalized messages at scale on all the channels their customers engage with. To make that vision a reality, at MoEngage, we continue to invest in features that help you orchestrate the best customer experiences possible.

Increase Your Website Conversions With New and Improved On-Site Messaging Pro

With the launch of OSM Pro, we’ve introduced our next-gen drag-and-drop builder, featuring 30+ elements that make creating pop-ups a breeze. Additionally, MoEngage offers 50+ use-case-based templates that are highly responsive and can put your gamification hat on!  With this new and improved On-site Messaging Pro, you can create and publish personalized on-site messages within minutes and drive maximum conversions from your web properties. Read more on what else the new and improved On-site Messaging Pro offers.

Analyze and Optimize Customer Journeys Faster with Flows Visualization and Versioning

We have added more power to our most loved product – MoEngage Flows. This powerful journey builder has just improved with two significant updates that will enable you to analyze and debug your customer journeys on-the-go, while effortlessly making edits to achieve your desired outcomes.

Flows Visualization allows you to analyze your customer journeys and quickly identify the reasons (if any) for a customer journey not performing as expected. Simply put, visualization helps marketers shadow customers on their journeys, i.e., follow the path taken by any customer to see first-hand the reasons for either low conversions or insufficient engagement rather than making assumptions about what they could be. You can check whether Flow settings such as entry criteria, triggers, and scheduling work as expected and debug on the go!

Flows Versioning helps you seamlessly create improved versions of your existing customer journeys, further optimizing them for the next set of customers. This increases your efficiency when experimenting with multiple customer journeys and declutters the whole process, thus optimizing your customer journeys for desired goals.

With these enhancements, MoEngage Flows remains the most intuitive and intelligent journey builder available, making it easier than ever to create truly personalized experiences for your customers.

Read more on how these new enhancements to Flows can deliver a personalized, hassle-free customer experience that helps you not just boost conversions but also build loyalty and long-lasting customer relationships.

Whether you want to improve customer communication, optimize customer journeys, or deepen customer insights, we’re confident that our latest innovations will arm you with the tools you need to succeed.

Reach out to your CSM to get these features enabled for you, or click here for a quick demo!