Create Personalized Web Experiences To Boost Engagement And Conversions

  • UPDATED: 20 July 2023
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We’ve all experienced personalization in numerous ways, and some of those experiences keep us returning to the website. 

Personalization has become a critical part of a marketer’s toolkit to create delightful experiences and drive conversions. 25% of customers get frustrated when brands send irrelevant content or product recommendations. This goes on to show the importance of segmentation and, accordingly, personalizing experiences for customers.  

Moreover, brands that use personalization see a 10% to 15% boost in their revenues. What does this mean for marketers? The better your knowledge of your customers and how you create tailored experiences, the higher the ROI.

The numbers prove personalization’s importance and impact on customer engagement, conversions, and retention. Excited and ready to see the effect of personalization?

Well, then, say hello to MoEngage’s Website Personalization!

What Is Website Personalization?

Website Personalization is a marketer’s essential customer engagement component that helps create contextual and tailor-made website experiences. It’s a great way to create memorable experiences according to your customer’s preferences and behavior. 

Creating personalized web experiences can be hassle-free by tapping into the power of AI automation and actionable insights. You can personalize every component of your website at speed and scale. These could range from personalized offers and product recommendations based on the audience’s past behavior and preferences data, and even for first-time unknown visitors! You can do all of this without a line of code too!

Your website can now be a solid pillar of your omnichannel customer engagement strategy. You can create connected experiences with website personalization across all your marketing channels. Want to know how you can do this? A powerful customer engagement platform like MoEngage can help you.

What is MoEngage Website Personalization?
Create connected experiences with website personalization across all your marketing channels.

Why Should You Prioritize Website Personalization?

91% of consumers are more inclined to shop with brands that show recognition, remember their preferences, and provide relevant product offers and recommendations. In fact, personalized website experiences are responsible for a 28% boost in marketing campaigns’ efficiency.

Website Personalization stats
Source: McKinsey Reports

Let’s look at some of the key benefits of website personalization for your brand.

Boost Opportunities to Engage, Convert, and Retain

Have you made purchases based on product recommendations on your favorite apps or websites? That’s the potential and power of creating personalized experiences.

Brands across verticals see high conversions, engagement, and retention by simply deploying tailor-made recommendations that nudge visitors and customers to make a purchase. 

One way of doing this is by showing relevant website content based on their cart activity on the homepage, category page, or product pages. This also helps them pick up from where they left off while helping you boost your conversions.

Product recommendations for website personalization
Create tailor-made recommendations based on the visitor’s last viewed products with website personalization.

Shorter Sales Cycles

With an attention span of a goldfish, and multiple brands and products to choose from, it’s challenging to grab eyeballs for your brand and maintain it. But when you create personalized website experiences that your audiences love, you’re well on your way to boosting customer engagement and shortening your sales cycles. 

A great way of achieving this is by showing personalized dynamic website campaigns by personalizing every component of your website based on their behavior, preference, or affinity. The best part? You can personalize each component without dependency on your design or dev effort!

Create Relevant Experiences For Customers and Anonymous Visitors

When you understand your customers and prospects and their buying journey better, you inevitably offer them delightful brand experiences. This piques their interest in your offerings, creates connected experiences, and boosts customer loyalty. 

How does this work, you may wonder. You can create dynamic experiences based on your known or unknown visitors’ entry points. These entry points can be based on traffic sources such as email, SMS, or ad campaigns. You can then accordingly show visitors eligible offers, deals, or even product recommendations. For example, when a visitor receives a discount coupon code in their email, the same coupon code can be shown to the visitor whenever they visit your website.

Run Campaign Experiments to Optimize For Conversions 

Data has radically transformed how we market our products and services to consumers. To create the best website experiences, you need to be equipped with accurate insights into your customer segments and the relevant best-performing campaigns. You can experiment with website campaigns across multiple segments and cohorts to help you narrow down the best-performing ones. 

But how will this help? 

When you can preview and test your campaigns before publishing them. Campaign experiments enable you to preview and test before publishing them. The experiment results give you the right insights on what’s working best and double down on those efforts. In turn, you’ll be able to drive higher conversions and a better ROI. These campaign experiments could range from content, graphics, product recommendations, website banners, cart activity, geolocation, and more.

You can now optimize your customer engagement strategies for long-term and exponential growth with insights such as the performance of your revenue metrics or clicks.

Experiment, preview and test website personalization
Run campaign experiments and preview them before publishing for optimizing conversions with website personalization.

How To Use MoEngage’s Website Personalization To Create Delightful Experiences

Website Personalization creates connected experiences that tell your visitors and customers that you know and understand them, how important they are, and the value your brand offers in making their lives easier and more delightful. 

Here are a few ways each industry can use Web Personalization to boost engagement and lift conversions. 

For Retail & E-commerce brands

  • Run multiple campaigns across channels such as email, push notifications, social media, and SMS
  • Offers and product recommendations
  • Personalizing messaging, content, product recommendations, and website banners based on the visitors’ location and language preferences. You can also launch region-specific sales discounts and offers
Personalization based on location for e-commerce and shopping brands
Personalize content and product recommendations based on the visitor’s location with website personalization.

For Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Show personalized home loan offers, content, and other recommended loan offers
  • Create tailor-made omnichannel campaigns based on traffic sources and pages viewed. For example, when a visitor clicks on a Facebook ad about credit card offers, you can show them the same offer on your website and send them a personalized email about the offer to nudge them to make a purchase 
  • A returning visitor can be shown promotional offers on the home page that is crafted specifically for them
  • For instance – A visitor fills out a loan calculator on a bank’s website but does not apply for a loan. The visitor is shown a personalized banner based on variables entered in the calculator to nudge them to apply for the loan

For Media & Entertainment Brands

  • Personalized website banners showing subscription upgrade offers for subscribers in a specific location
  • Content recommendation based on the visitors’ past listening history, complementary products, or most popular category
  • Premium subscribers and lower-tier subscribers can be shown different website banners with customized offers—based on their subscription plan
  • Customize website layouts such as Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to show recommended shows and banners using the visual no-code editor quickly and easily
Website personalization for media and entertainment brands
Customize website CTAs and banners for show recommendations with website personalization

For Travel & Hospitality Brands

  • Dynamically restructure page layouts or swap website banners based on intent, most-viewed flights or hotels or travel destinations, preferences, and segments 
  • Convert a known or an unknown visitor to a customer by dynamically swapping your website banners based on real-time activity
  • Change home-page banners for visitors based on their segment profile and affinity—For example, you can show budget travel destinations to budget travelers and luxury travel packages to premium customers
Website personalization for travel and hospitality brands
Show relevant and personalized home-page banners for visitors based on their segment and preferences with website personalization.


With break-neck competition to keep up to and several options available to today’s consumers, it’s pivotal to stand out from the crowd. Website Personalization empowers your brand to offer personalized, relevant, and timely experiences that resonate with your audiences and customers. 

MoEngage Personalize helps you achieve all of this at speed, and scale, without a single line of code. Excited to learn how your brand can implement Web Personalization? If you’re an existing customer, please get in touch with your favorite customer success manager. If you’re new, you can talk to our expert here.