Increase Customer Engagement and Retention With MoEngage’s Cards for Web

  • UPDATED: 26 July 2023
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Imagine all those times when you went on a website and purchased a product, only to be told that you missed a great opportunity on a deal or offer because the website didn’t explicitly point it out to you.

Now imagine your customer, who went through a similar experience. Does it not dent their customer experience, when they find out that the product that they badly wanted wasn’t promoted enough?

Well, those days are gone.

Welcome to the world of *drumroll* MoEngage’s Cards for Web!

Content Cards USA
Customize with Self-handled cards! Right from UI/UX to message deliverability and placement.

What Is Cards for Web?

Cards for Web is a brand new way to communicate your best products and deals with your customers. It’s a great way to stay connected with your customers and actively engage with them, even if your customers have opted out of other communication channels.

Already available for mobile, Cards for Web is a brand new way to connect with your customers on your website. Right from new offers and promotions to alerts and important notifications, Cards for Web can help you in every way to display all you want your customers to see.

Content Cards
Choose how you want your product to be displayed to your customers with self-handled cards.

Why Opt for Cards for Web?

With MoEngage’s Card for Web (and also mobile), you add an important strategy to your omnichannel marketing channels. In fact, there are many reasons for the “why”!

MoEngage Cards Web

  • Reach out to a wider audience: Even if your customers opt out from other channels of communication, they can still get all the important communications whenever they visit your website. This means that 100% of your website visitors will be aware of all your brand messages, irrespective of the browser or OS they use!
  • Non-intrusive for a better customer experience: Cards for webs are completely non-intrusive and non-pushy. Your customers won’t be disturbed by frequent notifications, and they can interact with your brand whenever they want! Customers can also stay anonymous while interacting with this channel, adding enhanced privacy to their experience.
  • Richer Content: With Cards, you can deliver a richer content experience for your customers. With the option to customize your own cards or choose from MoEngage’s in-built templates, convey your messages better and with more precision!
  • Segment and Personalize: Choose what you want your customers to see with the power of segmentation! Segment personalized messages you want to deliver based on geographies and customer preferences. Additionally, brands can also personalize their communication delivery based on what they think will resonate with their customers.
  • Measure Analytics: What you see is what you measure! Take the guesswork out of the equation and make well-informed decisions with MoEngage’s in-built insights-led analytics for Cards. Know what worked and will work with your customers.
  • Never lose an alert: Your customers will never miss an update or notification because all the alerts are easily accessible, including the ones that are dismissed by accident.
  • End-to-End customization: Self-handled Cards give you the opportunity to completely customize your card contents and how you want them to be displayed. Right from the UI/UX customization to the kind of message deliverability, you can choose what works best for your customers.
  • Convert more with a new channel: With another channel added to your existing omnichannel, you now have a wonderful opportunity to increase your conversion rate!

How Can You Use Cards for Web?

A very multipurpose channel, companies can leverage Cards for Web in a variety of ways. With Cards for Web being non-intrusive, and always reaching out to your customers, here are some of the most helpful use cases:

How does Content Cards moengage work?

  1. Offers and Promotions- Cards for Web can be used to promote all your brands’ latest offers and promotions. Customers will be notified every time they visit your website, without missing any notifications or alerts!
  2. Exclusive Membership Promotions- Brands can also use this channel to promote exclusive membership promotions or subscriptions with their customers.
  3. Product Offerings and Updates- In case you have some exciting product launches or updates to share with your customers, there’s a card for that! Go ahead and spread the word with your customers across all the channels including this one!
  4. Transactional Messaging- If you want to update your customers for every transaction completed, give an update for customer bookings, or even for confirming an order, you can always use cards to get the message across!
  5. Changes in Terms and Conditions/Policies- Need help with spreading the word about an update in your T&C, reinforcing that the changes are not lost on any of your customers? Well, you know what to do!
    Reminders and Suggestions-  Send reminders, best practices, service reviews, and other relevant content directly to the app’s inbox to boost engagement!
  6. Run Surveys- If you are wondering how to gather feedback from your customers to improve customer experience or a product, Cards for Web can be your best option. Connect with your customers easily!

Final Thoughts

Cards for Web is MoEngage’s latest offering, designed for customer-centric brands that are looking to constantly improve their customer’s customer experience and keep them engaged with the latest updates and news. Cards for Web will help organizations connect with their customers deeply, personalize the customer’s experience and help deliver value to the buyer’s journey. If that sounds like you, it is for you!

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