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Introducing Flows: Delight your customers with remarkable journeys

  • Updated: 11 July 2021
  • 3 min read
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Whether they’re buying shoes or planning a trip abroad, the decision-making 'journey' of a customer today has evolved. As Google puts it, the ZMOT or the Zero Moment of Truth exists across multiple channels. Engaging customers in all stages of this journey is an essential part of driving customer LTV. And that is no secret for marketers. We call it customer lifecycle marketing or simply lifecycle marketing.

Right from the first contact to their (users) first purchase, the user journey involves multiple touchpoints, across different channels. However, what is crucial is reaching the customer across all channels, i.e., Showing up in those moments is what matters. As Woody Allen has famously said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

We, at MoEngage, provide marketers the tools for multichannel activations and engagements that encompass web, email & mobile engagement. We have also plugged in the power of machine learning to optimize the impact of those interactions.

But we observed that marketers are using these channels in isolation. e.g., For the abandoned cart users, marketers are sending out Email/SMS/Push and what have you, all at once or without considering the user's response on any of these channels.

Introducing Flows

Welcome Flows - a tool that helps you craft customer journey in a more integrated manner across channels, combining interactions across the customer lifecycle.

With Flows, you can send messages in a sequential & preferential (based on user response) manner to ensure deliverability and still not compromise on customer delight.

For the above example, you can create a follow-up journey for abandoned cart across channels, i.e., sending push with-in 2 hours followed by a slightly passive Email after Day 1. Next follow-up message can be sent on the channel basis customer intent. “ Won't that be a more integrated and coherent communication strategy, delivering better user experience and higher chances of conversion.

Take a quick look at Flows below MoEngage Flows

Using Flows, you can

1. Create a handheld onboarding process for newly signed up users:

Most users drop-out within the first 30 days of installing an app / signing up on your website. So, using Flows, create a 30-day engagement program within few minutes, visually, turning them into customers.

2. Retarget abandoned users:

With nearly 69% of your users NOT completing a purchase, create visual Flows that identify cart abandoners and trigger relevant interactions with them (users) across channels.

3. Increase User Activity with Incentives

Offer incentives for the KPIs that defines your user engagement. Build a gamified customer journey offering perks as they meet some goals turning them into loyal promoters.

The possibilities are endless.

Here’s how Tokopedia, one of Southeast Asia's e-commerce unicorn used Flows and saw a 60% improvement in first-month user retention. Furthermore, they also witnessed a 20% uplift in conversion (app install to first purchase).

Read Case Study

We look forward to hearing your feedback on Flows and how you had used it to benefit your customer. Feel free to write to us on [email protected]

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About The Author
Nalin Goel is the VP of Product of MoEngage Inc. He is an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore. He has over 6 years of experience in leading product development and strategy for global companies.
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