[Customer Spotlight] How Tammy Fit Drives Personalized Engagement with MoEngage

  • UPDATED: 16 July 2023
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Editor’s note: Customer Spotlight is an initiative by MoEngage. In these articles, we talk to our customers to understand their customer growth strategy, engagement tactics, and best practices across product and marketing. 

When Tammy Hembrow started documenting her post-partum transformation in 2015, she was on a journey to figure out what would give her optimal results. To access the right tools and techniques to build her dream physique, she had to do a lot of research.

As her video blogs exploded with popularity and she became a household name in Australia, she realized that her audience needed more than fitness inspiration- they needed knowledge and support to embark on their respective fitness journeys.

This inspired her to build a platform that would help people discover the best version of themselves, which eventually culminated in the launch of the Tammy Fit app on the Apple App Store in 2018. In October 2019, the android version of Tammy Fit was launched. 

Tammy Fit is a comprehensive health and fitness platform, equipped with step-by-step guided workouts, nutritionist-designed meal plans, and diet tracking.  Users benefit from having all of these features in one place.

Users can choose between home and gym workouts targeting various body areas like the chest, legs, abs, etc along with a choice of skill level- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The app also features trainers who are well adept in power building, yoga, and boxing to help work on their strength and flexibility too.

While Tammy Fit has turned Tammy Hembrow into one of Australia’s most exciting entrepreneurs, building a reported fortune of $38m, we wanted to understand how the team at Tammy Fit orchestrates customer engagement and leverages MoEngage’s best-in-class personalization capabilities.

What did Tammy Fit Look To Achieve With MoEngage?

Before we deep dive into how Tammy Fit benefits from an insights-led approach to customer engagement, let’s take a look at why they needed a customer engagement platform and how their search ended in MoEngage.

1) Educating app users about different features and programs made available in the app, thereby increasing the app adoption rate

2) Curating hyper-personalized experiences for users based on their content consumption patterns and preferences

3) Engaging users on a constant basis with fresh content to keep them inspired on their fitness journeys

4) Send contextually relevant and well-timed messages through emails, push notifications, and in-app messages.

5) Improve app stickiness (DAU:MAU ratio) and retention rate, thereby achieving long-term growth

6) Gear up fitness enthusiasts for fitness challenges like the 4-Week Ab Challenge, Tone and Shred 8-Week Challenge, etc.

How did Tammy Fit Leverage MoEngage to Personalize Omnichannel Engagement

To keep fitness enthusiasts on the app motivated and eager for their upcoming workouts, it was essential for Tammy Fit to provide relevant and actionable content. 

“For us at Tammy Fit, personalization is the key to driving app engagement. Hence, it is important to know how individuals like to consume specific content and use this insight to create and curate a meaningful experience with Tammy Fit,” says Crystal McMahon, COO.

One of the main reasons why most app users churn within just 90 days is due to unengaged users. In this context, channels like emails, push notifications, and in-app messages help Tammy Fit to contextually engage customers in and out of the app. In scenarios where app users drop off in between workouts or before purchasing a program or merchandise, smart triggers help Tammy Fit bring them back to the app and complete the required action. While this helps Tammy Fit convert more users, this also helps Tammy Fit focus more on the app’s stickiness.

The prerequisite to creating a high-performing personalized campaign is to understand how app users behave. Campaign analytics helps the team at Tammy Fit with valuable insights about user behavior and trends across messaging channels like emails, in-app, and push notifications. These insights, help them become more customer-centric in their marketing strategy.

Choosing The Right Customer Engagement Partner

Having a proactive customer engagement partner was essential for Tammy Fit in helping them focus on their customer engagement and customer experience initiatives.

“We work very closely with the MoEngage team when it comes to executing our campaigns. Having a tech partner who is proactive and consultative around customer engagement best practices helps us focus on the bigger picture and convert better,” says McMahon.

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