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By suraj
7 June 2016 | 22 May 2019

Your customer is shopping for shoes on your app, almost completing the purchase. But wait… their friend just texted them about another possible better deal or maybe they bumped into their old college mate or saw a cute looking puppy passing them by… and poof! In that instance they forgot everything about what they were doing on the phone to wait out for a new deal, greet their college mate or cuddle with the cutie pie!

These are just some of the many real instances where people can get distracted from what they were doing and abandon a transaction in an instance! Wouldn’t it be great to get these people back to your app and get them chugging along? Luckily there is a respite. By use of smart triggers, it is possible to target such use cases to bring them back to the app and complete a transaction. You can do more by defining and targeting people depending on how they use your app as well. The infographic below shows how Smart Triggers work and how apps across different industries are leveraging Smart Triggers to drive conversions.

Smart Triggers








Smart Triggers are successful in driving results for apps across many categories. Sometimes campaigns have driven up to 6X click-throughs and 4X conversions.


Smart Triggers









Smart Triggers enable your app/ business to have a one-on-one conversation with your customers. It helps you build personalization and context with users by sending contextually relevant and well-timed interactions in the form of push notification, in-app message, email or even a web push.

Smart Triggers








Here’s an example of a user who tries to book an airline ticket but drops off at the payment page. Here a pre-defined smart trigger recognizes the ticket abandonment and notifies (reminds) the user of the pending ticket booking after a predetermined two hour gap.

Smart Triggers






Many of our customers have seen immense value in Smart Triggers. To read such more stories, visit here. To learn more about how you can start leveraging Smart Trigggers for your business, drop in your email and we will get in touch with you.


To download the complete infographic on Smart Triggers, click here.

Methodology: Data based on analysis of top performing campaigns across categories.

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