Deep Diving into Customer Journeys with Real-time Personalization

  • UPDATED: 09 November 2022
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When it comes to customer engagement and creating effective campaigns, there is nothing better than focusing on real-time personalization. This is because implementing real-time personalization into your engagement strategy has many advantages.

Successful lifestyle brands are becoming one of the critical components of consumers’ self-expression, which is why it is so important to focus on your brand’s dynamic relationship with your consumer. So building an active relationship with customers become easier by employing real-time personalization.

Now, let’s dive into the details and get into specifics about why real-time personalization is an essential consideration for lifestyle brands.

What is Real-time Personalization?

You’ve probably heard about real-time personalization, even if you are unfamiliar with the concept. Personalization can instantly deliver content customized to each customer as an individual in response to how they interacted with your brand.

Brands can struggle with personalization throughout the customer journey because they tend to hop across channels. This is why it’s so important to enable personalization through multiple channels. Here are some of the best channel options that your brand should be focusing on:

Personilizing omnichannel marketing MoEngage

Engaging customers through every channel is key to ensuring that your real-time personalization strategies are as effective as possible.

Analyzing the Customer Journey

Data and other insights are invaluable to creating the perfect customer experience and customer journey. Analyzing the customer journey means conducting a user path analysis and engagement with predictive insights. These methods give the brand a holistic view of customers’ needs and preferences.

However, it’s not just about collecting the insights and information, it’s about what your team decides to do with the data.

The first step is understanding your customers’ preferences, including likes and dislikes. From there, it becomes more simple to customize communication. Now, you will effectively emphasize your customers’ behavior and the ability to create real-time personalization using individual preferences. This is ideal, especially compared to the time and money spent on sending similar messages that may not land with a broader customer segment.

Identifying Potential Challenges and Finding Solutions

When creating the strategies necessary to drive real-time personalization, it’s important to identify potential challenges that your organization may encounter. Here are some common issues that brands face when changing their emphasis to a more customer-centric approach:

Challenges in Adopting a customer-first approach MoEngage

Quick technological advancements

The methods and techniques used to collect insights are constantly changing and improving, making it challenging to keep up. This is why it is so important to have a partner like MoEngage to help keep pace.

Competitive solutions

Use customer insights to set yourself apart from the competition, which can be stiff in most customer-facing sectors. This leaves little room for mistakes, and falling behind can spell an uncertain future for the brand. For example, siloed data is often difficult for brands to use correctly. Because of this, it is important to have a tech stack that supports real-time personalization.

Longer turnarounds

In most cases, modern campaigns are required to have a quick turnaround time to be effective. The pitfalls of excessively lengthy launch times for campaigns may come from recreating content and campaigns across multiple channels. A quick turnaround requires a nimble and dynamic team that knows how to utilize its data to guide a quick launch turnaround.

While there are many solutions and potential ways to circumvent these challenges, focusing on insights-led customer engagement should carry your brand a long way. Leave campaign-based insights in the past, as this method will leave you behind the competition on several fronts. A quick look at MoEngage’s features and our support of them will also prove how important it is to partner with professionals.

How Can MoEngage Help

With MoEngage, brands can reap the benefits of some of our features that encourage efficient use of real-time personalization. For example, Smart Recommendations allows you to serve your customers with extremely relevant and personalized recommendations based on real-time context. This feature allows you to align your content with real-time data based on your customer’s behavior, buying patterns, and usage trends.

Another extremely useful feature is MoEngage’s Affinity Segment. The feature enables you to go beyond basic segmentation models and categorize customers based on their interests. This means that your customer’s suddenly become more responsive because you will understand their affinities more holistically. This tool is valuable because it can section your customers off based on their personal preferences.

In addition, we offer customer Predictions, powered with ML and AI capabilities, which allow brands to use your customer’s past actions to predict their future behavior. Use data that you have collected about their past actions to inform future insights. Our dashboard, where you will find this information and data, is also simple to use and understand. You can use in-built prediction models to get key insights on Customer Dormancy, Uninstalls, and Conversions, with the click of a button.

These features are just a few examples of predictive analytics and smart triggers for real-time engagement.

To learn more about customer engagement strategies, check out our E-book that goes into more detail about the topic. You can also get in touch today to learn more.

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