How Startups Can Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

  • UPDATED: 01 June 2023
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With the popularity of mobile apps, there are many challenges that startups come across. Along with the functionality and technology, they have to deal with high mobile app development cost.

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The most frequently asked question by startups is ‘How do I reduce App Development Costs?’ Here are some tactics that would aid in mobile app development at affordable rates without compromising the quality of the app. Take a look at the do’s and don’ts:

tactics that would aid in mobile app development at affordable rates

1. Have a Minimum Viable Product or MVP

The cost of an an MVP app is low as compared to the original product. What are the advantages of using the MVP?

  • You can build and release an MVP publicly.
  • MVP helps in raising money for your app.
  • You can avoid wasting the money and time on making the app at first attempt.
  • Once you gain profits via your MVP, you can focus on your original product.

2. Off the Rack Templates

The most common answer for the FAQ, ‘How to reduce the cost for App Development?’ is readymade templates. People might think that building things from scratch is a great idea, although it isn’t very cost effective. With multiple free templates available online, you can easily find a suitable fit for your app. Using these off the rack templates reduces the time and cost of developing a mobile app.

3. Focus on Essential Features

The basic idea of a mobile app is facilitating transactions and operations conveniently

Startups might think that loading their app with a ton of features is a good idea, but it isn’t. The basic idea of a mobile app is facilitating transactions and operations conveniently. Imagine a screen filled with features and options, it’s confusing.

By keeping the focus limited to essential features that drive secure operations and payments, startups can save a lot of expenditure and time. The more time you input for the development of features, the more the expenses increases. Focus only on the necessary features and functions.

4. Troubleshooting

Improvements and fixes are the main requirements during the lifetime of an app. Fixes aren’t only important during the development phase, but it also has a vital role to play after the app launch. It is ideal to have an expert around you who would suggest ideas for decreasing mobile app development costs throughout the process.

5. Cross-platform Development

Developing a mobile app for a single platform isn’t a good idea for your business. If you’ve already done it, you will have to reinvest in some other platform, because your target audience is platform-independent and diversified.

Cross-platform development is a rescuer in this scenario. It saves costs and time by using a single code base across multiple platforms.

The different types of languages are:
1. HTML5
2. JavaScript
3. CSS

The main advantages of using cross-platform development are:
1. Budget-friendly and less expensive
2. Wider chance to explore
3. Single code base across multiple platforms

Few popular tools:

  • Flutter SDK
  • Unity 3D
  • React Native
  • Ionic

6. Gripping to device functions only when necessary

The inbuilt features of the device come into the picture depending on the nature of the solution. For example, a learning app has no requirement to access the current location of the user. Therefore, GPS or accelerometer has nothing do in this regard. Businesses should know when to put the device’s function to good use and its level of necessity — this tactic aids in cutting the cost of the app.

7. Simplicity at its best for UI/UX

Simplicity at its best for UI/UX

To reduce app development costs, one of the proven methodologies is using a simple yet appealing design when you create an app for your business. Minimalism is always bound to give a better user experience because new users tend to get confused with intricate designs. Many businesses adopt minimalistic designs to cut design costs.

8. Outsourcing

App developers can help you to build your mobile app from a technical point of view. However, putting a team together and involving various resources with domain and technical expertise will incur high mobile app development costs. Outsourcing mobile app development helps to blend knowledge in a group that, in turn, helps the company to grip skills in a broader spectrum of the team.

The tricks mentioned above are our take that we have successfully used for our clients and relieved them from the hefty pricing of Mobile App Development.

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