Create a Connected Experience With MoEngage’s Google Ads Audience Sync

  • UPDATED: 18 July 2023
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Customer engagement is a broad term, and while it means different for a lot of marketers and product owners, we would like everyone to agree upon something: customer engagement is how you help your customer match their interests seamlessly while actively interacting with them about your product offerings.

Google Ads Network is the world’s most popular ad network and is one of the most important platforms marketers rely on to interact and engage with customers through advertisements. Customers who engage with Google Ads are usually high-intent audiences. This is evident through the high RoI the platform offers (for every $1.60 spent, brands earn an average revenue of $3.00 through Google Ads). With its wide reach (about 90% of all internet users), Google Ads helps advertisers bring customers to their platform for all kinds of end-goal including purchases, engagement, or reactivation.

At MoEngage, we understand and celebrate your obsession with customers. And that is why we have something that will help you and your valuable customers have a seamless and connected experience!

Presenting: Google Ads Audience Sync!

What Is Google Ads Audience Sync?

The Google Ads Audience Sync is MoEngage’s new native feature that enables brands to easily send customer segments to their Google Ads account automatically.

Create custom audiences with MoEngage's Google Audience Customer Synch
Segment your Google Ads audience through MoEngage’s platform!

And how does that help?

It helps create a connected experience on the internet (blog, website, social media, and more) by showing end-customers relevant advertisements on the Google Network based on their behavior, journey, preferences, affinity, and more!

In other words, marketers and product owners can create their target audiences based on the information customers have willingly shared with the brands. After creating these customer segments, which are based on behavioral variables, event journeys, and consentual customer data, these segments can be used for marketing engagement campaigns. This will help reach out to the segmented customer and match their interests across Google Search, Google Shopping, Gmail, and YouTube (and basically the entire Google Display Network!).

For example, consider a segment of customers who are browsing for their favorite brand of shoes (expressed through their prior repeated purchases). Based on their preferences, you can create a campaign that helps customers find exactly what they are looking for through the Google Ads network.

This native integration between MoEngage and Google Ads will help marketers add, delete, or/and edit audiences on their Google Ads accounts. With MoEngage’s insights-led analytics, marketers can see a seamless real-time data transfer between the platforms to engage and also re-target audiences across the Google Ads ecosystem.

Why Was Google Ads Sync Necessary?

Since we are continuously making an effort to drive more value for marketers and product owners across all owned or paid channels, we realized we could help brands by connecting customers to match their audience.

With Google Ads being the most popular ad network, with around 92% of the global search market, it was important (and inevitable!) that brands leverage the synergy between MoEngage‘s insights-led analytics along with Google Ads’ market dominance.

Acquire new contacts and convert top of funnel for your ad accounts
Edit and create new customer segments for your Google Ads through the MoEngage platform.

This is why we decided to address some of the most common points brands (and marketers) wanted to solve:

  • Connected Experiences: The best way to keep customers engaged is to offer them a context-relevant connected experience across the entire Google Display Network (GDN). This not only helps the more valuable customers who are important for the brand’s LTV but also helps brands re-engage with customers. Thus, there is a need for real-time data sync as data loses relevance very quickly. An automated solution that can sync audience data to Google Ads can definitely help in this aspect.
  • Cookieless Advertising: In a world that is increasingly moving towards cookieless advertising, it is important to re-engage with the right highly converting segments/most valuable customers. Marketers can leverage first-party data and further engage with these audiences across the Google Ads ecosystem.
  • Data Silo: Marketers and brands face data silos. This can now be reduced through MoEngage’s customer data and insights, and this can be put into action across the Google Ads ecosystem.

What Makes Google Ads Audience Sync Important for a Brand’s Valuable Customers?

Caring about the entire customer lifecycle stages, right from the top of the funnel contacts to the bottom, Google Ads Audience Sync helps brands and marketers achieve the following for their customers:

  • Improve Customer Experience: Marketers can connect their Google Ads Account with MoEngage, which will help sync customer data and customer segments with their Google Ads account through MoEngage.
  • Target Precise Contacts: Brands prefer to use cohorts, segments, and event-based triggers to target and re-engage customers on Google Ads. The Google Ads Audience Sync feature will allow them to create specific audiences on Google Ads based on cohort, segment, and event-based insights. You can now create/add/delete audiences for your Google Ads account with MoEngage!

    Customer Match Audiences with MoEngage
    If a customer engages with a campaign, they will see a relevant ad. If they don’t, they will see a different ad based on their activity.
  • Increase Customer Engagement Through Other Platforms: If your customers have clicked on your ads across the GDN and haven’t made a purchase, you can trigger a push notification to convert them! You can also send them an email with attractive offers for better conversions!
  • Use Google Ads as part of Flows: The best part about building omnichannel campaigns for a unified customer experience is here! You don’t have to toggle between the platforms anymore. Edits to a Google Ads audience can be done from the native MoEngage Flows dashboard as well!
  • Automate Your Segmentation Based On Your Marketing Plan: You can set up an automated periodic sync as either a one-time schedule, regularly at a given time, or as an event trigger. This will give you the flexibility to sync audiences to Google Ads as per your needs.

What Can You Do With Google Ads Audience Sync?

Dynamically Synced Contacts with Google Ads. No need to spam email.
Customize how you want your customer segments to see Google Ads based on their activity.

With flexibility and comprehensiveness at your fingertips, there is a plethora of ways you can use MoEngage’s Google Ads Audience Sync.

  • Target Known Contact Segments: You can target and segment your existing customer list based on frequency. Orchestrate how often you want them to engage with your brand, in case of loyal customers. This will not only help with brand recall and favorability but also help with the LTV.
  • Excluding Customer Segments from Google Ads: You can also create audience suppression to prevent customers from receiving your advertisements, in case they are not your target audience, or if they’ve already moved past to a different stage in their customer journey.
  • Create Similar Segment-Based Audiences: You can create a detailed customer match profile of your seed audience and then add this list to your Google Ads account. You can use Google Ad’s Similar Audiences feature to find similar customers/new potential customers to reach or engage.
  • Remarketing Audiences: You can also build a custom audience based on a variety of factors, including shopping history, consentual customer data, and more, for more effective ad targeting. Follow up with less active customers who dropped off from the journey (initiated a purchase but didn’t complete the purchase). This can include customers who:
    -did not open the app in the last 30 days
    -did not make a purchase in the last 30 days
    -have registered on the app but have not done a transaction in the last 30 days

How Can Google Ads Audience Sync Combine With Other MoEngage Capabilities?

With MoEngage’s insights-led analytics and Google Ads Audience Sync, you now have the best of both worlds! Combine capabilities to improve your acquisition costs for both your new and existing customers!

  • Google Ads Sync+Smart Triggers- Orchestrate Google Ad campaigns based on customer behavior. Add customers to a custom Google Ads audience based on a particular event.
  • Google Ads Sync+Flows- Create omnichannel campaigns to build a unified customer experience that now includes Google Ads. All from the same dashboard!

    Unified experience can include ads and emails
    Create segments based on customer journeys through the MoEngage platform.
  • AI-Driven Segments (Predictions/Affinity Segments/RFM) + Google Ads- Predict customers who are about to churn/uninstall the app and run targeted campaigns through Google Ads and also through email nurtures. Increase message frequency for your at-risk customer segments. Find an approach that is inherently data-driven; audiences prefer brands that take cognizance of their preferences.


Google Ads Audience Sync is definitely the future of segment-based marketing for brands who are looking to keep their existing customers engaged while creating the perfect platform for new customers who are also looking out for great products and brands. With just a few clicks, you can set up the perfect cohorts, syncing your customers with Google Ads.

To know more, reach out to us today, in case you are not already in touch with your favorite MoEngage employee.