Introducing MoEngage Cards – Engage 100% of Your Customers at Their Convenience [Product Announcement]

  • UPDATED: 02 September 2022
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We are excited to introduce another highly flexible channel- MoEngage Cards – that allows your brand to persistently communicate with your customers. Send personalized campaigns, offers, recommendations, and more straight to your customers’ app inbox or news feed, without interrupting their browsing behavior.

  • Reach 100% of your customers – even the ones, who have opted out of other channels 
  • Be non-intrusive with your notifications: Give your customers the choice to interact with your brand whenever they prefer to.
  • Notifications that stick around: Send important updates or alerts that your customers should not miss or accidentally dismiss.

MoEngage Cards - Send personalized campaigns, offers, recommendations

A recent survey shows that mobile users receive an average of 63.5 notifications per day, and nearly half of the respondents considered them to be an interruption.

Notifications can be overwhelming and chaotic, if not done right.

While push notifications and emails are the obvious choices in building engagement,  they pose certain challenges. For instance, low opt-in rates (40-60%), receiving too many notifications, receiving notifications at the wrong time, and so on. All these challenges inadvertently lead to a drop in engagement rate or bad user experience for your app.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

MoEngage Cards: Relevancy to your notifications – in a non-pushy manner!

Unlike in-app or push notifications that users can swipe away or dismiss once they’ve interacted with them, MoEngage Cards ensure your messages stick around in a non-pushy way. So your customers can choose to interact with your message at any time they’d like to. It is also a great way for brands to reach customers who have opted out of push notifications and/or emails.

MoEngage Cards: Relevancy to your notifications

  • Improve conversion and reduce churn: Cards reach 100% of your customers, unlike push notifications or email. Moreover, your customers are more likely to act when they’re already on the app – making Cards a perfect “in-the-moment” channel.
  • Increase the longevity of your messages: Some of your communication is meant to be sticky and relevant over a period of time. Don’t let an accidental swipe leave your customers wondering what they missed.
  • Provide a better customer experience: Be less intrusive with your in-app notifications while your customers are browsing your app, and instead create a stream of notifications that they can get to with Cards!
  • Win your customers undivided attention: Both push notifications and email compete for your customers’ attention against tens of other brands. You can use Cards smartly with other channels to make customers more receptive to your push, email, and in-app messages.

Here’s how Cards can help marketers boost conversion metrics

  • An offer zone – Engage your customers with relevant offers and promotions, especially the ones who opted out of Push Notifications, Emails, or SMSes too!
    how Cards can help marketers boost conversion metricshow Cards can help marketers boost conversion metrics
  • A ‘What’s New’ section?
    Have new updates or products that have been launched? Maintain a category of updates or showcase the new products or content launched through cards!
    showcase the new products or content launched through cardsshowcase the new products or content launched through cards
  • An inspiration zone:
    If you have some inspiring content to share or advocate ideas, then have this block on your app.

inspiring content to share or advocate ideas on your app

  • Transactional Messages: Leverage Cards to share updates on customers’ orders or bookings.

Leverage Cards to share updates on customers' orders or bookings

  • Leverage the power of Cards in your Omni-channel strategy
    Running a sale? Send an Email to alert your users. What if the user has missed it—or did not have time to act on it? Next, send a push notification to highlight the offer again. What if he or she has unsubscribed and missed your compelling offer? With Cards, when your customers are back on the app, show them a card in their promotions feed to highlight your offer!

Leverage the power of Cards in your Omni-channel strategy

Cards power-packed with MoEngage capabilities

MoEngage Cards improve conversions and reduce churn, by providing a non-intrusive and sticky communication channel with your customers.

Cards power-packed with MoEngage capabilities

  • All your customer data is already deeply integrated into MoEngage, so you can utilize segmentation and targeting capabilities on MoEngage to craft a highly engaging card.
  • Not to forget, you can leverage the power of MoEngage’s dynamic product recommendations to personalize cards with products your customers have interacted with before.
  • You can gain deep insights into the performance of each card campaign with the conversion tracking & attribution models that are pre-built on MoEngage.

As notifications evolve, we at MoEngage hope to evolve with them, giving marketers the best way to communicate and engage a loyal customer. So here we are, launching yet another channel that allows you to engage your customers without interrupting their day!

Want to be one of the first to try MoEngage Cards?

If you’re an existing MoEngage user and would like to try Cards on your dashboard, get in touch with our team.


If you’re new to MoEngage, we are happy to give you a personalized walkthrough of the platform and also explain the benefits of using MoEngage. We can also show how you can use Cards for your business.


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