MoEngage Marketing Roundup: January 2019

By Komal Akulwar 22 May 2019

I hope your year’s off to a good start and you’re busy executing new strategies for 2019.

January was really exciting for us at MoEngage. We just published ‘The MoEngage Book of Marketing Trends 2019’ – a useful resource that’s rich with insights from industry leaders on the most important topics in digital marketing. You can get a copy right here, if you haven’t already.

We published a 3-part blog that covers our journey from an idea to a sturdy product that delivers personalized marketing campaigns to more than 330M monthly active users.

We caught up with Mohit Doda, Digital Marketing Leader, Reliance Trends to understand the marketing landscape for retail brands.

Our most recent blog by Zach Watson, Director of Content, DePalma Studios covers easy-to-use marketing automation tactics that help improve customer experience in the e-commerce vertical.

If you’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to catch up with the latest greatest marketing updates, this blog can help. We’ve rounded up our top marketing stories from January. Take a look.

3 Marketing Automation Tactics to Improve Your E-commerce Customer Experience

3 Marketing Automation Tactics to Improve Your E-commerce Customer Experience | MoEngage

Too many marketers still use automation as a way to push endless amounts of email when it’s a tool for personalizing the customer experience. The items that display on a page, the offers that pop-up on our sites, and yes, the emails we send, are all part of the customer experience. But how can you use automation to make strides toward that customer experience?

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The MoEngage Book of Marketing Trends 2019 is Here

Marketing Trends 2019

We reached out to 101 top marketers and influencers to understand their insights and forecasts for marketing in 2019. We’ve compiled all of them in The Book of Marketing Trends and Forecasts 2019. We hope you enjoy reading these predictions and gain from their forward-thinking insights.

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Marketer Spotlight: Digital Customer Engagement in Retail With Mohit Doda

Spotlight Marketer: Digital Customer Engagement in Retail With Mohit Doda

Marketer Spotlight is an initiative by MoEngage that covers insights and opinions of marketing leaders and influencers. Here’s Mohit Doda, Digital Marketing Leader at Reliance Retail sharing his perspective about marketing automation for the retail industry

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#TechAtMoEngage- Part1: Reddit Has Over 330M Monthly Active Users – So Do We

#TechAtMoEngage: Reddit Has Over 330M Monthly Active Users – So Do We

As we step into 2019, we wanted to share our growth story and talk about how we went about building a world-class product that powers personalized, multi-channel experience for millions of users.

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#TechAtMoEngage- Part2: Technical Strategies to Handle over 300M Monthly Active Users

#TechAtMoEngage: Technical Strategies to Handle over 300M Monthly Active Users

In this blog, we’ve covered the technical strategies that helped us resolve some key challenges along the way in our pursuit to achieve business excellence.

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#TechAtMoEngage- Part3: Building an Engineering Culture That Supports 300M Monthly Active Users

#TechAtMoEngage: Building an Engineering Culture That Supports 300M Monthly Active Users

This is the final part in a three series blog post. Here, we’ve discussed the culture and team that helps us stay motivated, informed, and most importantly- happy. Read on to learn how culture dictates every decision we make at MoEngage.

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101 Marketing Trends for 2019 from Global Marketers

101 Marketing Trends 2019 | MoEngage

Get first-hand insights into the latest marketing trends. This includes snippets from CMOs and influencers from top influencers and marketing leaders at global organizations such as SurveyMonkey, Uber, Prezi, Adobe, AdRoll, and many more.

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3 Ways to Use Web Push Notifications and Boost E-commerce Conversions

If you’re already up to the task of building a list of subscribers who’d like to receive web push notifications, you might be wondering what kind of messages will keep users engaged? Here’re a few ways to maximize user engagement with web push notifications and eventually drive conversions.

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5 Ways to Improve Push Notification Performance in 2019

push notification improvement

The new year is here, and we bet your push notification strategy is ready for release. But before you start, take a look at what’s new in push notifications, and see if some of these developments and best practices could become part of your strategy for 2019.

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Product Update: Sharpen Your Email Marketing With Automated IP Warm-up

Automated IP Warm-up | MoEngage

To ensure that negative IP and domain reputation does not act as a barrier to a successful email marketing campaign, MoEngage now supports automated IP warm-up. With MoEngage’s Automatic IP Warm-Up, you can choose the volume of emails to be sent from a particular sub-domain every day. Learn how this can improve your email marketing campaign performance.

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An Email Marketer’s Survival Guide for Gmail Tabs

Gmail aimed to help its 1.2 billion users organize the clutter of emails in their inboxes and focus on each kind of conversation separately. However, for the marketer, this approach often results in carefully crafted emails getting lost in the deluge of promotional emails their users receive. Learn here how email marketers can improve their email campaign performance for better ROI.

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11 Top Blogs to Help Sharpen Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2019

Top Blogs to Sharpen Marketing in 2019 | MoEngage

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. As voice search, mobile devices change the dynamics of SEO and AI re-defines the rules of marketing personalizationit is going to be an exciting year for brands that focus on customer engagement and retention.

As a marketer, it is critical to keep up with the latest trends. Here’s are our listing of hand-picked blogs to help you stay on the leading edge of marketing in 2019.

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Now that you are up to date on the hot topics of January, stay tuned with us through February. We have some key announcements and a bunch of exciting updates coming up in the next few weeks. To be the first to receive notifications and updates from MoEngage, subscribe to our blog.

You can also access our last marketing roundup for December 2018 here.

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