11 Top Blogs to Help Sharpen Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2019

By Akshatha Kamath 19 September 2019

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. As voice search, mobile devices change the dynamics of SEO and AI re-defines the rules of marketing personalizationit is going to be an exciting year for brands that focus on customer engagement and retention. 

As a marketer, it is critical to keep up with the latest trends. Here’s are our listing of hand-picked blogs to help you stay on the leading edge of marketing in 2019. 

The first of our Marketer Spotlight series is this blog interview with Neal Schaffer, CEO of PDCA Social, and a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer for two years in a row. Neal shared the top trends and his predictions for digital marketing in 2019. His predictions and strategies will give you an overview of the current digital marketing landscape. Read more.

2. Where Are You With Your Omni-channel Marketing Strategy for 2019?

According to Google, 90% of the users switch between screens to complete tasks. Omni-channel marketing is, therefore, a necessity not an option to build a positive customer experience. Learn what is omni-channel marketing and why your business needs an effective omni-channel strategy. Read more.

3. An Email Marketer’s Survival Guide for Gmail Tabs

The tabs in Gmail’s inbox have forced marketers to re-think their email marketing strategy. Our easy-to-follow survival guide can help you build strong customer engagement on Gmail. Read more.

4. The 9 Factors That Influence Push Notifications Delivery on Android Phones

Push notifications are a powerful tool for marketers to engage, convert, and retain app users. In a webinar, Raviteja Dodda, CEO of MoEngage and Nalin Goel, VP of Products discussed how you can use push notifications to personalize and optimize your marketing campaigns. Read more.

5. Here Are 5 Ways to Improve Push Notifications Performance in 2019

Now that you know the factors that influence push notification delivery, it’s time to learn the five ways in which you can optimize push notifications performance in 2019 to build a positive relationship with your customers. Read more.

6. GDPRUnderstanding The Game Changer

GDPR, you’ve probably heard that word more than the royal wedding last year. Here’s a refresher on what GDPR is and how it’s going to be a game changer for marketers this year. Read more about the steps to take and become GDPR compliant.

7. How Retail Brands Can Implement Location-based Marketing

Location-based marketing can help you to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. In this blog, we discuss ways in which you can optimize the power of location-based marketing to create a perfect cross-channel experience for retail customers and increase brand loyalty. Read more.

8. AI in Marketing: 3 Ways to Improve Marketing Campaign Performance

With over 53% of marketing spends covering labor costs and services, CMOs now look at Artificial Intelligence (AI) help them lower spends, improve campaign performance, and increase ROI. Here are three ways in which AI can help you achieve your marketing goals in 2019. Read more.

9. How to Nail Mobile Marketing Automation for Your Brand in 2019

52% of worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile devices in 2018 and marketers can no longer ignore the potential of mobile marketing. This blog tells you how to personalize marketing campaigns at scale and target mobile users through marketing automation. Read more.

10. Drive Growth With Omni-channel Marketing in 2019

Nalin Goel, VP Product Development and Akshatha Kamath, Head of Content Marketing, discuss the need for omni-channel customer engagement and how marketers can build seamless experiences across different channels. If you are planning your omni-channel marketing strategies right now, this article can help you sharpen it further. Read more.

11. Understand Push Notifications Delivery on Android Phones

Learn how push notification delivery works on Android phones and how it can impact your business in our webinar with Raviteja Dodda, CEO of MoEngage and Nalin Goel, VP of Products. Read more.

We hope these articles are helpful to understand the tenets of digital marketing in 2019. Head to the MoEngage blog to stay updated on the latest trends and insights on marketing in the mobile-first world.


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