Sharpen Your Email Marketing With Automatic Email IP Warm-up: Here’s How You Can Get It Right

  • UPDATED: 27 June 2023
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Most marketers overlook domain and IP reputation while sending emails. They send a large number of emails hoping to reach a wider audience and land in the suspicion list of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) resulting in negative IP and domain reputation. This also affects email deliverability as more and more emails sent from their domain get marked as spam, reducing their marketing effectiveness.

Tip: For an email marketing campaign to be successful, marketers have to pay attention towards building a positive domain and reputation through IP warm-up.

IP warm-up is a method that helps establish sending reputation for an IP address. Identity and trust are built over time with the receiving mailbox by incrementally increasing the volume of emails sent from an IP address every day or week.

Automated IP Warm-up Demo | MoEngage

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MoEngage Automates IP Warm-up to Fuel Your Email Marketing Efforts

To ensure that negative IP and domain reputation does not act as a barrier to a successful email marketing campaign, MoEngage has moved from manual IP warm-up to automated IP warm-up.

With MoEngage’s Automatic IP Warm-Up, you can choose the volume of emails to be sent from a particular sub-domain every day. You can also track the warm-up status for the selected domain or sub-domain in your email settings. The data shows you the percentage of warm-up completed and quota remaining for that day. Once you utilize the quota, the email requests will not be processed for that day and will automatically resume on the next day with the updated limits.

Automated IP Warm-up Demo | MoEngage

How IP Warm-up Helps Your Brand

  • Your emails will reach the inbox: Every marketer prefers to see emails reach the customer’s inbox instead of the spam folder. With IP warm-up, you can determine the probability of emails reaching user inbox and adjust the email volumes.
  • Find out what works and optimize: When you send a limited volume of emails, it’s easier for you to analyze which content has worked better and optimize campaigns for the entire database.
  • Focus on campaign effectiveness instead of delivery: As your emails get whitelisted and are delivered into the inbox, you can focus your efforts on campaign optimization, understanding your customers, and improving your customer retention instead of worrying about email delivery.

Automated IP Warm-up is Better Than Manual Warm-up: Here’s Why

Automated IP warm-up eliminates manual work and decision-making and takes care of the warm-up process for you. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider automated IP warm-up for your email marketing:

  • Eliminate errors such as exceeding email send limits and make your email campaigns more efficient.
  • You don’t need to worry about the number of emails to be sent every day – our platform optimizes the daily send quota for you.
  • Setting up automated IP warm-up is a quick one-time process with MoEngage. There’s no need to re-visit and send emails every day until the warm-up has been completed.
  • Our Automatic IP Warm-up feature does not follow the one-size-fits-all approach. Each domain is assigned a custom warm-up plan to optimize your resources and save time.

Once automated IP warm-up is active, your job is to simply focus on the email campaigns and leverage best practices to maximize customer engagement.

Try MoEngage’s Automatic IP Warm-up Today

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