MoEngage Marketing Roundup: May 2019

By Ankita Kaushik | 3 July 2019

Today, customers are more omnipresent and lean towards companies who are able to offer them a seamless experience. Be it e-commerce, banking, travel, F&B, media or any other industry—customers complete purchases in a brick and mortar store while looking through products/services on an app or online website or many times the reverse.

It’s become imperative that businesses not only have their presence across offline and online channels but also ensure all these channels are well-connected. In this Marketing Roundup, we’ve covered the importance of omnichannel marketing and its implementation. We’ve also highlighted fundamental learnings from our favorite marketers in the spotlight.

Additionally, we have included a bonus article that takes stock of the world one year after GDPR, take a look.

Marketer Spotlight: Decoding Hyper-personalization with Sharad Harjai


Sharad Harjai, Senior Director of Revenue and Customer Retention of Grofers shares his opinion on buzzwords such as personalization and AI. He also describes how personalization has helped Grofers to improve customer experience across various touch points.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Differences Between Multi-Channel, Cross Channel, and Omnichannel Marketing

Having a more holistic experience while using a multi-channel approach—offline and online—is termed as ‘omnichannel marketing’. However, many marketers are still trying to define what is multi-channel, cross-channel and omnichannel marketing. This is because all these three marketing strategies are similar, yet they have thin lines differentiating their core values and practicality.

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5 E-commerce Technology Trends That Will Shape The Future

ecommerce technology

E-commerce technology trends have a significant impact on online shopping. Whether you have been in the e-commerce business for around years or you are going to start an online retail business now, ensure that you have familiarity with these five key e-commerce technology trends that will shape the future of this industry.

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Marketer Spotlight: The Role of a Robust CRM in OYO Rooms’ Growth Story with Pranav Kumar

OYO robust CRM story

Pranav Kumar, the head of CRM at OYO Rooms, shares his insights on the role of a CRM in engaging users and driving conversions. Learn some fundamental tips to keep in mind when leveraging CRM tool.

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4 Major Omnichannel Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Amazon

Omnichannel Marketing Lessons

One of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon rose to its prominence and then to its dominance, in the last decade. Today, most e-commerce websites follow design and UX processes that have been either pioneered or mastered by this e-commerce giant. Take a look at these four omnichannel marketing strategies that Amazon has perfected.

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4 Actionable Tips to Improve Sales and Brand Awareness for E-commerce Stores

4 Actionable Tips to Improve Sales & Brand Awareness — For E-Commerce Stores

By understanding and meeting the needs of your consumers, you can develop an appropriate strategy. But where do you start? Do not miss our tips to steer your e-commerce business towards success.

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7 Brands That Have Mastered Omnichannel Marketing

omnichannel marketing

If you’re considering omnichannel for your brand and wondering how to go about it, note that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. For an overview of the different ways to implement omnichannel successfully, take a look at these 7 brands who got it right.

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5 Mother’s Day B2C Marketing Campaigns That We Love

5 Mother’s Day B2C Marketing Campaigns That We Love

If there’s something that’s irreplaceable in our lives, it has to be the unconditional love by mothers. Last month, we share a compilation of our favorite marketing campaigns that were themed around Mother’s Daytake a look.

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4 Ways Omnichannel Marketing Can Boost Your ROI

A study reveals that companies with a robust omnichannel strategy are able to retain 89% of their customers as compared to the companies that could retain just 33% of them due to weak strategies. Omnichannel marketing, when done right, can help you improve your revenue. Here are a few ways in which you can use omnichannel marketing to boost your ROI.

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#GROWTH19 Wrap-up: What Investors Look for While Investing in Consumer Internet Companies

investment in consumer internet company

With eight startups entering the unicorn club last year and a few startups like OLA tapping the global markets, the landscape of startup has become stronger and more interesting. Mr. Tarun Davda, Managing Director of Matrix Partners; and Mr. Ashish Kumar, Partner at Fundamentum Partnership, share an investor’s checklist and tell us what they look for in a consumer internet companies while considering for investments.

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7 Omnichannel Marketing Strategies You Can Use for Your E-commerce Business

Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Plan a robust omnichannel marketing strategy that ties all the channels – both offline and online together to create a personalized and meaningful journey for your customers. It is not as complicated as it might sound. With the right data, right tools, right team, and the right strategy, you can develop a successful omnichannel strategy easily. Check out these 7 strategies that help you improve your e-commerce omnichannel marketing.

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Industry Study: Fintech in Indonesia and How Kredivo Boosts Conversions by 40%

Industry Study: Fintech in Indonesia and how Kredivo boosts conversions by 40%

As the Government pushes for financial inclusion among its citizens, Indonesia is also a witness to the growth story of the Fintech companies. In this article, we learn the challenges for the Fintech Industry in Indonesia and how Kredivo is doing all the right things to boost conversions.

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Bonus Article: One Year of GDPR and its Impact on Mobile App Marketing

GDPR and impact on Mobile App Marketing

GDPR turned one year this May. However, was it successful or did it just scrape through? In all honesty, one year can be too short a period to judge the success rate of any regulation, especially one of the scale and sensitivity of GDPR. In this article, we’ve summarized the last year of GDPR and how you can implement GDPR compliance for your mobile app marketing.

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That’s all from us on this marketing roundup for May. In case you are looking up for more updates, take a look at our April Marketing Roundup.

Do share your feedback, just comment below. We’ll do our best to bring to you all the information you’ll need to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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