MoEngage Marketing Roundup: October 2018

By Akshatha Kamath 22 May 2019

October marks the official start of the holiday shopping season worldwide. As your customers pull out their shopping lists, you’ll need to sharpen your marketing campaigns to engage, convert and retain holiday shoppers. In our marketing roundup for October, we’ve included useful holiday marketing tips, user engagement strategies, and more – keep reading.

If you’d like to catch up with the marketing updates from last month, take a look at our September installment here.

5 Lessons To Learn From The Top Holiday Marketing Campaigns Of Last Year

Lessons to Learn from Top Holiday Marketing Campaigns of Last Year | MoEngage

Holidays are here, and so are your shoppers. Marketers need to implement new and innovative strategies to attract customers and nudge them to complete purchases. Get your eggnog and prepare yourself for some tried and working tips on successful marketing this holiday season.

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AI in Marketing: 3 Ways to Improve Campaign Performance

AI in Marketing: 3 Ways to Improve Marketing Campaign Performance with MoEngage

Everyone’s coming around to the business benefits of artificial intelligence and marketers are at the forefront of this transformation. The uses and applications of AI in marketing are many, but here are the top 3 ways in which AI can impact your overall marketing performance and ROI.

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9 Factors That Influence Push Notifications Delivery on Android Phones

Factors Influencing Push Notifications Delivery | MoEngage

What’s the best way to measure push notifications delivery for your app? What factors influence push notifications distribution? What best practices can maximize push notifications delivered to your app users? If these are the questions on your mind, this blog has all the answers.

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Unravel Push Notification Potential for Telecom Selfcare Apps

Unravel Push Notification Potential for Telecom Selfcare Apps

Telecom marketers, have you tried these four ways to engage and retain your app users? Take a look at this blog that gives you newer ways to boost user engagement on your app.

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Product Update: Deliver Push Notifications in the User’s Time Zone

Deliver Push Notifications in the User’s Time Zone | MoEngage

As your business footprints spread across geographies, you should be able to talk to your users across the globe at the most pleasant time for that geo. To help you implement GLOCAL user engagement strategies, we introduced the push notifications delivery time optimization feature to our platform. Learn more about this feature here.

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Webinar Wrap-up: Understanding Push Notifications Delivery on Android Phones

Understanding Push Notifications Delivery | MoEngage

Push notifications can help marketers in a variety of use cases. A look at what goes into push notifications delivery can help you strategize and implement better push campaigns.

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Watch this space for more such updates, tips, and tricks on marketing.

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