Product Update: Deliver Push Notifications in the User’s Time Zone

  • UPDATED: 21 November 2023
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The Internet is everywhere and so are your app users. As your business footprints spread across geographies, you should be able to talk to your users across the globe at the most engaging time for that geo. More often than not, marketers do not pay much attention to time zone optimization for push notifications and end up annoying customers by sending push notifications at ‘not-so-good’ times. Sometimes, this can thwart the most well-crafted campaigns too.

Deliver Push Notifications in the User’s Time Zone | MoEngage
Deliver Push Notifications in the User’s Time Zone | MoEngage

Time Zone Optimization for Push Notifications

With MoEngage, you can now optimize send times to make sure push notifications reach your users when they’re active, as per their local time zone. For example, if you schedule a push notification for 10 AM, you can be sure that all your global users would receive the same notification at 10 AM as per their time zone.

Time zone optimization for push notifications | MoEngage

Let’s say you are a food delivery app, and you have just launched a new breakfast menu. You would ideally want to reach all your users at 9 AM sharp! Or let’s say, you are an entertainment app doing a promotional campaign for the night-owls at 8 PM. Click on the ‘Send in recipient’s time zone’ on MoEngage’s Intelligent Marketing platform (as shown in the image above) while creating the campaign to ensure that you reach all your users at any time of your choice, no matter which part of the world they are in. A typical campaign will execute for multiple time zones around the globe by delivering notifications to relevant users in each time zone.

How Does This Help?

  • Improve the delivery and view rates for your push notifications.
  • Reach all your users at the right time in a hassle-free manner.
  • Deliver a superior brand experience by engaging the user only during her active time.

The next time you create a push campaign via MoEngage’s Intelligent Marketing Platform, schedule posts and send push notifications in your user’s time zone to reach the right users at the right time! Drop a line at [email protected] to learn more about our push notifications platform.

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