MoEngage won “Mobile Innovation of the year” and “Top 5 Personalisation Solution Providers in the UK.”

MoEngage recognised by MarTech Outlook as one of the “Top 5 Personalisation Solutions Companies in the UK” and awarded “Mobile Innovation of the year” by Retail Systems for personalisation capatilites and customer centric vision

  • UPDATED: 16 June 2023
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MoEngage has been awarded the “Mobile Innovation of the Year 2022” and recognised by MarTech Outlook as the “Top 5 Personalisation Solutions Companies in the UK”.

Raviteja Dodda, Co-founder & CEO, MoEngage, commented on the recognition, “The customer-obsessed marketer today is always on the lookout for that factor in customers’ past interactions and behaviours to improve personalisation in the form of featured products, message content, message format, and channel. These recognitions validate the customer-centric approach MoEngage has adopted to fulfil the current gap in the campaign-centric market.”

Attributing these wins to the insights-led approach, Shalini-Devji Jethwa, Director of Marketing, Europe, said, “Our effort has always been to build a multi-channel platform that provides intelligent analytics and actionable insights, ensuring a delightful, frictionless customer experience. In the last couple of years, MoEngage’s platform was adopted by top brands such as Deutsche Telekom [T-Mobile], Travelodge, Ally Financial, Hearst, Samsung, McAfee, CIMB Bank, Flipkart, OYO and more. In addition to the awards, this is a strong indicator that we’re moving in the right direction. We will continue to build cutting-edge features that fill gaps in the market.”

About the Awards

Retail Systems Awards 2022 – Mobile Innovation of the Year

This award is presented to a solution by a vendor that enables customers to get the most out of the mobile experience, using their devices to engage with a retailer and shop whenever and wherever is convenient.
Retail Systems award and Tope 5 Personalisation Solution Providers
The winner was decided based on a technology that powers the mobile channel, be it an app, mobile payments service, mobile marketing system or a mobile-optimised website.

Martech Outlook – Top 5 Personalisation Solution Providers in UK 2022

Marketing Tech Outlook is an enterprise technology magazine. It is the go-to resource for senior-level Marketing leaders and decision-makers to learn and share their experiences with products/services, technologies and Marketing technology trends. The magazine evaluated personalisation solution providers in the UK to develop the Top 5 solution providers that enable a one-to-one engagement experience across channels.

Looking into the Future

We are incredibly proud to have been recognised for our innovation and personalisation. We remain committed to our vision of building a customer-centric, insights-led platform that facilitates a frictionless customer experience.

Our focus will continue on innovation and building a platform unlike any other. Where the current platforms are focussed on cohort analysis and segmentation capabilities, we strive to give marketers powerful AI-driven capabilities that empower marketing and product managers to identify the best customers to target with individualised messaging at unprecedented speeds.

To watch our platform in action, Check out our product demos. They’re short and easy to skim through, so you can get a feel for what we offer.

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