[New Feature] Send triggers on basis of Trigger Event property

By Nalin Goel 20 December 2019

Did you want to remind your users about their booked flight, 2 hours before the flight time? Or remind them about the expiry of their subscription that they bought last month. You want them to recharge their mobile data pack 2 days before it expires?

Here is a level ?  for your Smart Triggers (Push as well as Email). Starting this week, you can start creating ‘Smart Trigger’ campaigns based on ‘trigger event property’ with MoEngage i.e. you can now trigger the message with respect to attribute values (date/time) of your IF event. What this essentially means is a world of opportunity to send follow-up communication with users out there.

Say you want to remind your users who have booked a flight, 2 hours before the flight time. You will then create your trigger on Flight Booked event using the event property Flight Time.


And set the message to be sent 2 hours before the flight time.


Your users receive a flight reminder two hours before their set flight time:

Imagining possibilities: 

There are several use cases where such a feature can come in handy. We have listed a few below:

– Send discounts/reminders to your subscribers before subscription expiry.

– Send communication minutes before the flash sale to customers who have registered for it.

– Send reminder before customer’s travel date/time, Cross Sell Hotels/Experiences/Local Transport/Restaurant Bookings.

– Remind customers to refill consumables before it ends.

Let us know your feedback around the feature. Write to us at product@moengage.com

About the Author

Nalin Goel

Nalin Goel is the VP of Product of MoEngage Inc. He is an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore. He has over 6 years of experience in leading product development and strategy for global companies.

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