5 Email Marketing Automation Best Practices For Your Website

  • UPDATED: 27 October 2023
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1. Email marketing automation is crucial to the success of e-commerce businesses.
2. This guide offers 5 best practices to stay relevant in email marketing automation, including automated welcome emails, personalization, segmentation, and engagement tactics.
3. Implementing these practices can increase customer retention and improve long-term customer relationships while saving a lot of time on marketing tasks.

For a while now, I’ve heard one single buzzword- Email Marketing Automation. It got me wondering about what it means, and how much I’m surrounded by automated marketing techniques.

Marketing automation relies on software or applications to perform email marketing tasks.

This definition reminds me of the automated emails that I receive from e-commerce websites daily. In the hustle and bustle of creating tons of content in different formats for different social media channels, marketers have forgotten the ways of automated marketing.

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Does that mean email marketing automation is dead for e-commerce?

Spending on marketing automation tools is expected to reach $25.1 billion annually by 2023.

Automated email marketing isn’t dead. Its ways have changed. It’s imperative for marketers to refresh what they know, and approach marketing in a new way while taking advantage of automation.

With customization and personalization at its peak, one needs to get creative even with automation.

With this step-by-step guide, you will learn to execute the current practices to be successful with email marketing automation in 2021.

1. Automated Welcome Email

Your first impression is your last impression. I stumble upon multiple websites and emails in a week, but occasionally, one makes its way to my heart and mind. I’m sure you might receive a bunch of emails in a day. However, how many of them do you care to open and click upon?

A warm welcome email creates hope in the minds of users that your brand cares for them. One such email from Mindvalley, an educational company:


2. Take Care of your Regular Customers

Your subscribers are loyal customers who need special care. It would help if you made them happy enough to spread the word about your brand among their personal and professional networks.

Amazon is my go-to to buy books. I never purchase books from elsewhere. In spite of this; the brand makes sure that I’m well-served. Now and then, I get an email from Amazon suggesting new books, based on my tastes. They even send me discounts on my favorite books. Amazon focuses on nurturing customer relationships to stay competitive in this fast-changing era.

Learn how to set goals and drive sales with email marketing automation, in this article.


3. Keep Them Coming Back

Whether it is an old prospect or a new customer, your marketing setup needs to be able to target both of these customer segments, with the same fervor.

I learned this trick from PVR, a film entertainment proprietorship. Once in a while, PVR sends me a message about my pending reward points, telling me what the next prize is if I achieve certain points. Another popular movie ticket booking app, BookMyShow, leverages email marketing automation for every new movie that I can book from their app. PVR for rewards and Bookmyshow for new and upcoming movies- both of them are encouraging enough to make me pick my next film.

In the e-commerce world, rewards and new products are potent weapons to keep users coming back.

4. Segment your users and then target them with email marketing automation

Let’s make sure you quickly automate your tasks. The wrong way to do it would be to send a single automated email to all your users. A smart step is to segment users based on their purchase behavior.

Let’s say you have 100 female users purchasing cosmetics regularly, some users interested in books only, and male users who have looked at shoes. Segment them based on their purchase/browsing history. Build an automated email of new launches and extra reward points for each group. With a new arrival in every segment, interested users will get a mail they would like to read.


This way, you can show that you care for users and influence their purchase decisions. Also, you can increase the open rates for your email campaigns.

5. Strengthen Relationships

Every e-commerce website, including giants like Amazon, Tokopedia, and Flipkart offer loans, easy EMIs, or 0% EMIs to their trusted customers. It doesn’t just urge the customer to come back, but it also helps them build a long-term relationship with customers. There are other ways to strengthen ties with customers through email marketing automation:

  • Create an automation segment for updated content so that users receive your latest content automatically.
  • Do the same with new products or launches.
  • Automate emails asking consumers about reviews on their recent purchases.

Why Email Marketing Automation is Imminent

Automate a warm, welcome email for new customers. Divide your current customers into groups as per their purchase behavior. Create email and content for each group, and put it in automation mode. You have all guidance on how to create emails and content for different groups of customers. Go on. Use it to take your marketing automation to the next level while saving enormous time on marketing tasks.

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This article is written by Maulik Patel, who is the Founder and Director of www.clickmatix.com.au.

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