[Product Announcement] Boost Push Notification Delivery with MoEngage Push Amplification® Plus

  • UPDATED: 22 March 2024
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When we asked mobile marketers about their most engaging channel, the unanimous answer was Push Notifications. 

Types of Push Notifications| MoEngage

From e-commerce to hospitality and travel to music apps, brands have seen an incremental increase in engagement with MoEngage’s Push Notification product.

Push Notification is an important way of reaching customers as high as 40%-70% of your notifications may not be delivered to end-users. One of the reasons for low delivery rates can be attributed to OEM-related challenges. For example, Xiaomi devices can shut down apps in the background or OFF screen to optimize battery usage. For Vivo devices, an “Auto-Start Manager” prevents applications from being woken up to process notifications. Challenges like these make it imperative to fill the gaps that are plaguing the current mobile ecosystem.

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Android device share India & SEA | MoEngage

One look at the mobile device share by manufacturers in India and SEA will tell you that almost half of the smartphone markets in these geographies are powered by Chinese device manufacturers. In fact, Xiaomi holds around 21% market share in both India and SEA. As these numbers continue to climb upwards, a low Push Notification delivery rate on these devices can mean a significant drop in the number of customers that you can reach through Push Notifications.

To help marketers combat push delivery challenges and engage their mobile customers more effectively, we launched the industry-first MoEngage Push Amplification® back in 2017. Using this capability, marketers have reached more potential user devices that are cut off from FCM. Brands could improve their push delivery rates by up to 20%. This meant they could reach more app customers and driving higher conversions. But we did not stop there…

Highest push notifications delivery rates guaranteed with Push Amplification® Plus

We’re thrilled to introduce MoEngage Push Amplification® Plus built to increase push notifications delivery rates for your Android app by 40% across device manufacturers over the delivery rate through FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), and up to 20% more than our prior version of Push Amplification®.

Watch this video to learn about MoEngage Push Amplification® Plus and its capabilities.

What does this mean to your mobile app?

With Push Amplification® Plus, you can expect:

  • A significant uptick in your Push Notification delivery rates on Chinese OEMs, especially Xiaomi devices.
  • If more reach translates to more engagement and conversions for you, the expanded reach with Push Amplification® Plus can also mean significant growth in your mobile business.

Results we’ve seen so far

Push Amplification® Plus boosts delivery rates across Chinese devices. Take a look at these results:

The uplift in overall delivery rates is by up to 40% with Using Push Amplification® Plus

Device-wise growth in push notifications delivery | MoEngage

You’ll know that customers tend to become more inactive over weeks after installing your App, which impacts your push delivery rates. Push Amplification® Plus improves delivery rates for inactive customers too.

  • With Push Amplification® Plus, we can get an uplift of 50% for customers active in the last 30 days.
  • We can reach out to an additional 65% of customers of the cohort who were inactive in the last 30 days.

Push notifications delivery based on user activity | MoEngage

Push notification delivery rate on Xiomi devices | MoEngage

With Push Amplification® Plus, the uplift in overall delivery rates on Xiaomi devices is up to  75%.

Success story: 50% uplift in push notifications delivery for Nostragamus

Watch Gaurav Konar, Co-founder & CTO at Nostragamus, share their experience and success after using MoEngage Push Amplification® Plus.

Nostragamus is India’s first prediction-based fantasy sports app. Nostragamus has 5 million customers who play a host of fantasy sports like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Tennis, Badminton, and more.

Fantasy sports is a highly competitive space, and re-engaging customers is critical – Nostragamus realized that early on. 55% of Nostragamus customers were using Chinese OEM devices, of which 30% were accessing the app on Xiaomi devices. Push delivery challenges from the OEMs caused a decline in engagement for Nostragamus.

They enrolled with MoEngage to pilot Push Amplification® Plus. Here are the results they’ve seen so far:

  • Broad-based increase in delivery rates across devices.
  • 50% uplift in Push Notification delivery for active customers in their app in the last 30 days.
  • 75% increase in delivery rates for customers active on the app using Xiaomi devices for 30 days.
  • 55% reach to customers inactive in the last 30 days on Xiaomi devices.

The benefits of Push Amplification Plus are not limited to delivery rates. Nostragamus saw significant growth across its key business metrics such as the number of sessions, customer engagement, average spends, user retention, and more.

Push Amp+

Try Push Amplification Plus

With MoEngage Push Amplification Plus you can reach a significantly higher number of customers that you couldn’t have reached earlier. You can also be assured that you measure your success and delivery rates in the right manner.

Schedule a call with our Push Notification experts to learn more and how this could help you reach more customers and move the needle for your mobile business.

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