[Product Updates] All the Latest Features and Updates from April and May 2022

  • UPDATED: 17 July 2023
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The last quarter has been a fascinating time for the MoEngage community. We hosted our flagship #GROWTH Summits 2022 in India, Dubai, and Singapore. These power-packed events bought together leaders and industry experts from across the world under one roof to network, learn, and drive customer engagement and growth together, in a digital-first world.

We took this opportunity to showcase and deliver some of our latest features to you. In case you missed it, here’s everything new:

Introducing WhatsApp as a Native Channel

Available across 180 countries and supporting 20 vernacular languages, WhatsApp is one of the most preferred messaging channels. Over 500 million businesses use it globally. Thanks to the intimate nature of conversations it enables, brands use this channel to share recommendations about new products, send personalized discount offers, and share updates or educational information.

To help you acquire new customers, bolster brand loyalty and build authentic relationships, we have launched WhatsApp as a native channel on the MoEngage platform.

WhatsApp as an engagement channel has the following capabilities:

  • Send both, promotional and transactional messages to address customer actions.
  • Deliver highly personalized content: Add images, attach documents, send videos, and more.
  • Trigger interactive conversations with quick replies or add defined CTAs to drive action.
  • Go beyond basic performance metrics and view in-depth, real-time Campaign Analytics.

Read more about it here

The All-New Proactive Assistant is Here

It’s not easy to run an effective customer engagement program. Marketers have to be on their toes to deal with numerous decisions: Which customers should you engage with to maximize sales? Which past campaigns are not performing well? When does the website see a massive spike in footfalls? Marketers also need to run countless queries to gather insights, then prioritize and act on them instantly.

To help you face these challenges and enable a one-stop solution for all your insight needs, we have launched Proactive Assistant. Proactive Assistant, powered by Artificial Intelligence, proactively delivers high-impact, actionable insights to you, to help you amplify your marketing efforts. It requires no inputs, no instructions, and no wait times.

This new feature is exciting because:

  • AI-recommended insights are delivered proactively to you
  • Every insight is one-click actionable
  • Insights are prioritized based on business impact
  • All the intel is delivered under one simple window

Learn more about Proactive Assistant

Conditional Split Launched

While engaging customers and taking them through smart cross-channel journeys, marketers often need to split them based on their properties, actions, or both. They often want to:

  • Split customers based on their last location,
  • Split customers based on different genres they prefer, or
  • Split customers based on how many times they’ve purchased in the past.

To enable you to do this, we have launched Conditional Split on the MoEngage platform.
A conditional split allows you to create multiple conditional branches for your customers to navigate through based on the branch entry criteria to accomplish a goal.

Please note that Conditional Split is currently a Beta Feature. If you wish to enable it on your account, kindly reach out to [email protected].

Learn about Conditional Split

Behavior Trends Get an Upgrade: Behavior 2.0

Not all customers are the same. They each interact with your brand or navigate your products differently. It is crucial to understand customer behavior of all kinds and tailor seamless experiences to each one. We’ve introduced a feature to help you with this—by giving you a place to monitor customer trends.

To help you understand your customers better and analyze your website or app’s performance, we have launched Behavior 2.0. The all-new Behavior 2.0 enables a plethora of events and attribute analysis options, additional charts such as “Pie” and “Column” for better visualization, advanced analysis techniques such as Linear, Log, etc., for better analysis, and a lot more.

This new feature lets you gauge customer engagement through 6600+ distinct analytics configurations. For example, if you are an online store, it can help you understand:

  • The average number of orders a customer places on your app,
  • Total money your highest spender spent at your store,
  • Number of distinct items bought across different customer segments,
  • The minimum number of times an item was ordered.

Learn more about Behavior 2.0

Say Hello to Auto Reports

To run effective campaigns that engage customers, brands need to keep track of key reports and metrics. At the same time, it is inconvenient to check multiple dashboards each day and follow up for new updates. Wouldn’t it be amazing if these dashboards could come to you instead?

Well, that’s why we have launched Auto Reports. Auto Reports enable you to subscribe to your custom dashboards. This new feature lets you get dashboard reports of your choice delivered seamlessly and periodically, to your inbox.

Auto reports facilitate the following and a lot more:

  • Receive all the subscribed dashboards via email.
  • Send these reports to customers within and outside your organization.
  • Setup the frequency for these reports: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • View all your dashboard subscriptions under the subscriptions listing page.

Learn more about Auto Reports

Technology Partners Update

We are happy to announce that we have added two key members to our arsenal of technology partners, making our partner ecosystem stronger.


Using mParticle+Moengage, you can harness actionable customer data from various touchpoints during a customer’s digital journey. Using this data, you can create personalized marketing experiences that deliver ‘wow’ moments to your customers, without any tedious integrations. Read More


MoEngage’s two-way integration with Appsflyer enables you to leverage AppsFlyer’s install attribution data and MoEngage’s customer engagement data together. This will help you enable more personalized and meaningful engagement for each of your customers. Read More


If you’d like to get started with using these features or learn more, drop us a note at [email protected]. If you’re new to MoEngage, you can also schedule a personalized walkthrough of our platform.