In-depth Southeast Asia User Retention Benchmarks Report For E-Commerce [Download Now]

  • UPDATED: 30 October 2023
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Southeast Asia is home to the world’s most active internet users. Tokopedia, Go-Jek, Bukalapak, are some of the many billion-dollar tech startups that lead the e-commerce space in Southeast Asia. Despite the skyrocketing growth story, e-commerce apps in the region are fighting user retention challenges.

There are several technological and behavioral traits that trigger the app uninstalls. Presenting, the MoEngage Southeast Asia e-commerce Benchmarks Report that gives you an overview of user retention trends and benchmarks for this region.


The MoEngage Southeast Asia E-Commerce Benchmarks Report

We evaluated the behavior of 2.2 million e-commerce app users in SEA, spread over a 90-day period. The results of the study are encapsulated in the MoEngage Southeast Asia eCommerce Benchmarks report [2019].

Detailed Analysis of the factors influencing app uninstalls

The overall uninstall trends for e-commerce apps in SEA over the last quarter indicate that for all the users who installed e-commerce apps between D0 – D30, only 27.36% of users are retained at the end of the 90-day period.

A deep-dive into the day-of-week trends shows that most users are likely to uninstall e-commerce apps on Sundays. 

To understand why users uninstall e-commerce apps, we analyzed various physical and behavioral attributes. Our study found that physical attributes such as the device OS, manufacturer, the city can be contributors to your app user retention strategy.

Also, there’s a direct correlation between the number of sessions, transactions, and push notifications that a user receives that can influence retention

Want to know what all of this means to your app? Download the report to get a peek into the various factors influencing e-commerce app user retention. That’s not all. We’ve also included ways to use this data and build an effective retention strategy for your e-commerce app.


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