The Biggest Customer Engagement Summit in London!

  • UPDATED: 26 December 2022
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Did you know 35.7% of UK growth and product marketers say being customer-centric when engaging customers can improve business ROI?

The current market has many brands with multiple offerings, and a customer can quickly get confused in this crowd. That’s why marketers are focusing on being customer-centric. To stand out.

Honestly, this is what every marketer’s dreams are made of, and we at MoEngage have been working hard for 8 years to fulfill these dreams using innovative tech and inclusive initiatives.

One prime initiative that has never failed to help marketers in their consistent effort to build an effective customer engagement engine is the worldwide edition of Growth Summits. We have been hosting the #GROWTH Events since 2019, with our first event being held in Delhi (the capital of India). Since then we have held #GROWTH events across 15 countries across North America, Latin America, Middles-east, Africa, and APAC.

The sheer scale of these events driven by our customers (internal and external) has been inspiring. The experience we gained from hosting 55 physical and virtual events with 40,000 growth, product, and marketing leaders across 100+ consumer brands, has contributed hugely to building a promising summit in London.

#GROWTHLondon_Event Details

And with immense excitement and pleasure, we are happy to announce our next #GROWTH Summit in London.

London | #GROWTH SUMMIT 2022

We’re glad to bring to you #GROWTH Summit, a premier conference for the digital growth community hosted by MoEngage on 2 November 2022 in London. London has been on the radar for these events for quite some time, but the recent pandemic set us back a little.

We are happy to say we are finally arriving in London after a successful run in India, Dubai, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the USA.

A glance at what to expect at this event:

This is an invite-only conference to ensure that we offer an enriching experience to all our attendees. If you’d like to join us for a unique summit that’s focused on customer engagement and growth, request your invite.

We have lined up a carefully curated list of panelists and speakers from leading brands:

What to expect at #GROWTH?

  • Interactive sessions and actionable insights from a carefully selected line-up of thought leaders.
  • Find out what’s shaping customer engagement.
  • Meet peers and partners to discuss trends and explore opportunities.
  • Unwind with cocktails and interesting conversations.

Stay tuned for more news on the event on this blog after the event goes live on November 2, 2022. Hope to you at the event soon.