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AZADEA Group Grows 300% Weekly New Customers after Adapting an Omnichannel Approach

increase in sales contribution
CVR uplift from abandoned cart flow
About Azadea Group case-study-brand-logo

AZADEA Group is one of the popular premium retail brands oering premium lifestyle products to millions of customers. The Group started as a simple clothing brand back in 1978 in Beirut but now owns more than 600 stores across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, and more. The Group also launched its E-commerce arm (website and app) to cater to its customers across online channels. Its mission has always been to provide better and exciting fashion, beauty, home furnishing, and food options. The Group oers national and international brands known for quality, comfort, and trends

Absence of a Unified Customer Data

With a mission to provide the best customer experience, AZADEA Group’s path to customer engagement was evident. However, being an established brand that runs across different countries, it was difficult to understand every customer. The Group realized the need for unified customer data that provides ecacious customer insights. The teams’ strategy was to integrate all the customer data under a single platform and get a 360° view of their customers. The team also considered utilizing the same platform to execute their engagement strategy.

Absence of a Unified Customer Data

We wanted to ensure our communication was personalized on a customer action level and to do this efficiently. We needed to integrate with other tools. MoEngage engagement platform made the whole process easier with ease in multiple tool integration, allowing us to engage our customers at various stages of the purchase journey.

Abhishek Tiwari
Abhishek Tiwari
Manager CRM

We are a unique brand that uses a single platform to send communication across all channels/platforms. That’s one of the USPs of MoEngage platform as well.

Shaheer Usmani
Shaheer Usmani
Head of E-commerce Marketing
Centralized Data Platform

AZADEA Group aimed to understand their customers competently and use the understanding to elevate the whole experience. Their overall engagement and experience strategy was smooth flowing, but that flavor of hyper-personalization was still missing. The whole process of executing this strategy was multi-fold and required integrating customer data and multiple tools. AZADEA’s team focused on performing all the data analysis and campaigns from one platform, i.e., MoEngage, while integrating other related tools. The approach was to ensure every aspect of the customer, including communication, is stored under one platform to negate multiple data creations. The process also helped build a more insights-led engagement strategy, making it more customer-centric than campaign-centric.

Create a Customer Data Warehouse

The first aspect of the 360° view approach and the most crucial one was integrating offine and online data on the MoEngage platform. With the help of their IT team, the Group's marketing team moved all their data from other tools, websites (Group’s and partnered stores’ websites) on the MoEngage platform. With this move, the Group’s marketing team was optimistic that they would understand their customers better and use the collective insights to enhance engagement and experience.

Products Used
Connect with customers and drive rich experiences across all channels
MoEngage Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered analytics
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels
The Result

Azadea Group wanted to understand their customers and use those insights to improve experience. Since their overall engagement strategy was good but low on hyper-personalization, they used MoEngage Analytics to analyze, segment, and send unique communication.

• 45% increase in sales contribution
• 300% growth in weekly database acquisition
• 50% CVR uplift from abandoned cart flow
• 27 points improvement in NPS

To engage customers across channels throughout their journey, the team used a multi-channel approach. This involved integrating SMS and WhatsApp as online transaction channels and running campaigns based on customer actions. MoEngage’s Flow auto-triggered communication whenever an action was taken.

The Azadea team also wanted to keep their NPS rating healthy. So they used the Typeform integration within the MoEngage platform to create surveys and trigger them based on specific customer actions through different channels. These surveys helped inform the Azadea team of their customers’ pulse.