RentoMojo Case Study - MoEngage

RentoMojo Witnesses 20% Increase In Purchase Rate Using Dynamic Product Messaging

Increase in the purchase rate
Improved email deliverability
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RentoMojo is a popular home furnishing rental service in India. It aims to provide a vast selection of affordable products like electronics and home furniture to working professionals and on-the-move population across India.


MoEngage helped us automate the way we approach remarketing to our customers in an entirely different and unique way.

Akash Deep
Product Manager, RentoMojo
The Problem
RentoMojo wanted to provide a more intuitive and relevant product messaging based on user purchase history and cycle.
MoEngage Solution
RentoMojo engaged more users with a more contextual communication using MoEngage's Dynamic Product Messaging (DPM) and was able to drive higher purchases.
Products Used
Onsite Messaging
Convert visitors into buyers with personalized web content
Push Templates (Cards)
Deliver impactful content right into inboxes and personalized feeds
Smart Recommendations
Build personalized experiences by driving most relevant product recommendations.
The Result

To address the brand’s drop in conversions, the Rentomojo team implemented a more dynamic engagement strategy using the MoEngage platform. First, they analyzed, understood, and reformed all their email deliverability issues, to ensure better email engagement.

• 20% increase in the purchase rate
• 80% improved email deliverability
• 7.24% boost in customer engagement

The team then used MoEngage’s Flow with dynamic messaging to keep customers engaged and upsell products using relevant messaging. They first mapped and created a custom journey based on the customer’s purchase history. They then offered personalized product messaging based on the customer’s actions.

To attract new purchases and fulfill abandoned ones, the team decided to run specific campaigns using Flows that triggered push notifications, email alerts, and social ads in real-time based on the customer’s activity on the app and website. This higher campaign relevancy helped strengthen engagement.