Spielworks Sees a 200% Growth in Revenue With MoEngage | MoEngage

Spielworks Sees a 200% Growth in Revenue With MoEngage

growth in revenue
Uplift in conversions
due to data-driven customer journeys
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Spielworks is a blockchain-based gaming platform poised to transform the gaming industry. They make crypto easy, fun, and secure by enabling millions of players to enjoy benefits such as true ownership of digital assets, secure token handling, and comfortable interaction with exceptional blockchain games.

Business Need

The amazing growth of Spielworks' user base, from 1 million to 3 million in 2022, is a powerful indication of their success. Still, with current market conditions making it more challenging than ever, they knew that a strategy was necessary to sustain and grow customer lifetime value. To do this, they looked for a customer engagement platform to keep customers informed on new products and community initiatives, automate campaigns and journeys to create efficiencies and deliver personalised content based on each user's behaviour.

Business Need

The MoEngage team is reliable and helpful. From the implementation process to feature requests to debugging issues, they are quick to respond and always willing to help. We appreciate the support and open lines of communication between teams.

Erik Rossol
Erik Rossol
Head of Performance Marketing, Spielworks
Quick automated, multichannel engagement campaigns

With MoEngage's customer insights, the Spielworks team was able to understand each customer's behaviour, especially where they dropped off in the journey, to then quickly roll out automated campaigns through multiple channels like email, push notifications and others.

Rich customer insights to power personlised campaigns

The brand was also able to personalise these campaigns based on the customer data available to them which resulted in increased conversions.

Products Used
Customer Insights & Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered insights and analytics.
The Result
  • 200% growth in revenue
  • Fast campaign rollout
  • Personalised campaigns, leading to higher engagement and conversion