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[Push Notification Case Study] How Petflow Drives In-store Traffic through Web Push Notifications

  • Updated: 23 August 2021
  • 2 min read

web push notifications case study

About PetFlow

PetFlow, a leading retail brand of specialty pet food and supplies offers 10,000 products including food, treats, toys, bedding, accessories, and health supplies. All with convenient auto-ship options.

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Web push notifications as an email alternative

email marketing alternative 

PetFlow’s data-driven culture has pet lovers flocking to PetFlow for personalized advice. However, that same data-driven focus on company metrics, gave Director of Marketing, Andrea Barsk, pause near the end of 2016. Throughout 2016 Andrea saw an alarming trend. “We saw a consistent decline in the engagement our customers and prospects had with email. That’s a big concern for our most powerful channel - especially when the cost to acquire new customers is on the rise and retaining existing customers is a necessary activity.” Andrea echoes what her colleagues have also shared. Email is a powerful tool and needed, but it’s not going to scale beyond a certain point. Simply sending out more promotional emails to get more sales only works for so long, and can wreak havoc on not only your deliverability but also your bottom line.

The solution - web push notifications. Recognizing that relying solely on email as an engagement channel wasn’t sustainable, Andrea and the team turned to an emerging new channel - web push notifications. Web push (also called browser push) notifications are being adopted by media brands who use them to push out breaking news alerts. Andrea recognized few online retailers were leveraging it.

Andrea and her team leveraged web push notifications that impacted their business, in the following ways:

  • Arrest the browser and cart abandonment rate
  • Drive in-store traffic through web push notification campaigns that saw up to 10% conversions.
  • Increase activity around seasonal promotions

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